16th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last February 11-13, the 16th Phil. Hot Air Balloon Festival was held at Clark Special Economic Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Went there last Sunday with my beloved SuperFriends for our pre-Valentines celebration (HELLOOOO SINGLES! Haha) β™₯ I was suppose to go there with the family early in the morning for the flight of the balloons but unfortunately, they woke up late and so I have to hitch a ride with the SF.

I told myself that I have to witness the night glow and see Darth Vader. Nothing will stop me.
So we left Manila past 9AM and arrived at Clark around 11AM.
Roadtrips are always fun, more fun when you’re with your friends.
Finally. Welcome to the Dark Side. They have cookies and probably unlirice.
Took a lot of photos with them SF. πŸ˜€ And we also have a short kite-flying video up for editing, I’ll share it when it’s done.
Fun people to be with! πŸ™‚
Ate Sisig (Aling Lucing’s) for brunch. It was good but considering what a growing kid I have been lately and how my appetite have surged suddenly, it fell short of satisfaction.

People are starting to pile up.
KITE-FLYING!! I will never forget this! It was tiring but still, FUN > EXHAUSTION. Warped me back to my childhood days (yes, I tried flying kites and actually make them out of papel de hapon and walis tingting). Kites nowadays are commercialized and pre-made (nevertheless they are prettier and more colorful, they also come in shapes and sizes that will take you days to create by yourself) but makes me feel kinda sad for the later generation kids, they didn’t get the chance to experience the grueling procedure of kite-making.

My kite was a little evil itself. πŸ˜› Looped on other people’s kite strings causing them to get tangled. It was a pretty mischievous kite, for all I know it might have had Darth Vader’s soul in it. Haha!
My little boy fancy! He was so cute I was so close to glomping him up. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of him alone (Pedobear might appear out of nowhere, lol). He’s patiently waiting for his kite to be all set-up by his father/uncle, he was so cute looking excited and all, must be his first kite flight. πŸ™‚
Kites hovering over people. People scattered all over the place.

Someone actually proposed on the field to his girlfirend!! He let his girlfriend ride with one of the paragliders and when they landed, he knelt and asked her to marry him. β™₯ 
I’ve witnessed two proposals for this year already!! Proposals are fun and not to mention very very sweet (well, it should be! It’s a grand declaration of forever love!)
The hopeless romantic in me just went smitten.
Too bad not all the balloons was able to participate the night glow because the wind was not too friendly that evening. Only around 6 balloons were up but I’m still lucky to be able to see the Darth Vader balloon inflated and lit-up even just for a while. πŸ™‚
The last day of the festival was capped by the night glow and fireworks. They also released a sole flying lantern that amazed the heck of me. It was like my Tangled dream in real life! Made me more determined to pursue my birthday plan in April. I hope we can do it! 

Hopefully in the future I will be able to actually ride in a hot air balloon, that would be awesome.

ETA: Here’s our video!

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