35 Days Until Sawasdee BKK!

Only 35 Days!! I’m cramming with the research re: BKK as this will be my first Asian trip. Me and the mother will be going and the whole idea was quite scary when it sank in to me that only the two of us will be traveling on an unfamiliar destination, considering how lost I am with directions and the mother, who is the same and maybe even more prone to getting lost (I’m actually more scared of her violating road signs, haha).
But the best part about this trip will be — SHOPPING
I can already imagine me taking home 30 shirts when I get home and toys. So there won’t be any outfit planning that’ll happen for this trip, I’ll pack very light and just get clothes there because I’m already dreadful thinking about the extra baggage that might happen.

Familiarizing with railmaps. I am quite excited to try their MRT and BTS line.

I’m still 5% done with the whole itinerary and planning. Still backreading and re-reading.
Wish me luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

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