A letter to my former broken heart.

And then my heart got broken. It took me on a crazy emotional revolt.
I never thought a heartache would make you know yourself more and make better choices in life.” – Me.


Dear Former Broken Heart,

Look at you now. All happy and beating again. I’ve never been so proud.

Way back 2010, you shattered yourself into countless pieces. And you didn’t know what to do.
The crying and chocolates and all kinds of comfort food lost their magic on you.
Friends were the best option but they also have their own lives to mind,  it’s not just about you alone.

And then the light bulb moment right after that memorable trip to Baguio. Maybe seeing the world is a remedy, maybe. It was like shooting in the dark but a leap was required and a lot of faith that it can heal you somehow.

I guess that was the best decision you’ve made.
We got our sunshine back with every plane ride and bus ride we took. Patching you up was not so easy. It needed a lot of miles to travel, a bunch of people to meet, a lot of budget to sustain our travels, a lot of new experiences, laughter with friends and a lot of adrenaline to keep you pumping and excited.

Another trip to Baguio and we took the chance with him. Now, I am not alone in taking care of you. He promised to be always there when we need him.

Yet, a part of you is still not okay.

So we wandered more. Davao. Where we trekked to a small waterfall and it felt wonderful. Shot a bullet in a firing range and it was empowering.
We went three times in Cebu within two months. Had the sky ride and felt my knees shake again, not like the high school feeling of being in love but because we survived the Sky Walk.
Iloilo and Guimaras with our Super Friends.
My first overseas trip in Bangkok. Got to experience what girls’ say retail therapy can do.
Trekked in Anawangin, Zambales and witnessed a blanket of stars over us that made me teary-eyed.
Colorful Pahiyas in Quezon.
Whitewater rafting in CDO and the adventure to Camiguin.
The fine sands of Boracay.
Explored the culture of Zamboanga.
Took the Plunge in Bohol.

Oh look how far we’ve come. All in less than two years. Healing was doing well and we explored what the world has to offer.
It gave the best feeling. The ups and downs were all worth it. It was just purely amazing.

Then the next morning we woke up, we realized we’ve both recovered. We are more than okay. We’re happy. And we’ve found love, not in a hopeless place, but around the Philippines and overseas. And this love of ours will keep growing through the years.

Here’s to traveling more in the coming days and years. And here’s to budget-friendly airfare too!
I can’t wait for us to explore and discover more. I know that we will keep doing that, not to heal anymore but to simply keep the love burning. And I’m completely fine with that. 🙂

P.S. Stay happy! 🙂

All we need is a handful of faith and take the leap.

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’s Blog Carnival for March 2012 with the theme “Leap of Faith: When Travelling Changed My Life” hosted by Reiza Dejito of  Wander If You Must.

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