A little breather amidst the 37.3 heat.

A friend of mine needed a little breather from all the stress she’s been having lately, so do I and another friend. Three’s a group. Woke up early and quite excited as we’ll be visiting Noriter Cafe (again! for me) πŸ˜› because it’s one of those places that makes me feel calm and then kick ass when I get back on track. Haha~! πŸ˜€

There was some shoot going on when we arrived, uh-oh. Not again exposure! Hahaha.
Nah, we were spared this time. I was glad to see Keipi and Emz actually enjoying the place. ^__^
Mission accomplished!

Emz and I had Chocolate Frappe and Green Tea Frappe for Keipi and my all time favorite, Honey Bread!! *grins* How I wish we could have the ginormous Halo-halo but we were on a budget, so maybe next time. πŸ˜‰

O hai guise!! I was really taking a picture of the food — explains the blurred friends. Haha.

Whoever you may be Mario & Eka, right on! I hope you stay together for a long time! πŸ™‚ Cute drawings!

Dogs on my shoes!!

We had a few tissue papers to spare, so why not write on them?

Keipi with her drawing.

Noriter Cafe is also known for their paper cups. You can ask for plain cups and draw, paint, doodle on them. Anything you want actually. Good thing I have my markers with me. πŸ˜€

Our finished products (from right-left): Mine, Keipi, Emz.

The surprise under my cup!! ^__^ Hello fictional red-haired neko mimai! β™₯ *i dun haz square face, fail drawing*

And the best part of the day was the series of pictures we took on timer mode and made it into .GIFs!!
ITWASALOTOFFUN!!!  Be ready for some moving pictures action!! *straps on seatbelt* :))

.GIF #1! Hello distorted faces!

.GIF #2! More distorted face from me ladies and gents.


The afternoon was just starting so I asked them if they want to visit another special place (for me, at least) and they said YES! — off we go to Paco Park! We took a jeepney to Paco and we almost got lost, LOL. I have no sense of direction. :)) Good thing I have guts that tells me to “Get down from the jeep because you’re getting lost already.” Haha. We still reached Paco Park safely though, a little adventure is good to the soul.

A little rest when we got there because the heat wasn’t so nice to us. Sweaty body parts alert. :-O And then the .GIFs started again!! =))

.GIF #4! This time the facial distortions gets more hilarious. And I can’t help the laughter!

.GIF #5! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is probably the funniest one!! I was laughing all the way to the end when I knocked my glasses down in attempt to make a face — and the laughing to self continued.

The jumpshot led to a fight scene mid-air, right on!!

For the second time I’ve been to Paco Park lately, there was another wedding being held there today. And this time, we get to witness the march and take a few pictures of the bride (in a very stealthy, deadma way) πŸ˜€ Hee~ Weddings are always wonderful to watch, isn’t it?

And this would be my most favorite photo of the day. And probably the first ever wedding photo I took that I loved to bits. The droplets from the fountain just made it right. I can’t help but smile whenever I look at this picture!!!! Arrrrgh.

The right moment, the right place, the right occasion, the right person, oh life.

We left the place with me having a smile on my face, with no assignment yet for Sunday class, and haven’t had lunch nor breakfast yet but nonetheless, HAPPY. πŸ™‚

We ate something first before heading to SM Makati for Keipi to get a bag for herself and one for her nephew while Emz went to his nursing review classes. All in all, my day was tiring but I had fun with the people dear to me. And what made it more better was the mail waiting for me at home. Couldn’t life get any better?

Thank you for today! I feel blessed. πŸ™‚

Moreover, they say the backpay is waiting for me already meaning I can secure the printer in the soonest time and we can kick-off the business. Watch out for that and Wish us luck! πŸ˜‰

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