adieu, Twenty Fifteen.

Just copying what I wrote on my Instagram post as it summarizes everything that needs to be said.

Finally closing my 2015. 

It was truly a year of ups and downs, of heartbreaks and inspiration, tons of happy memories were made, lots of disappointments and crying to sleep, friends of old and new, people coming and going, disconnecting, late night talks, photographs, doubts, challenges, and coming out of it alive albeit chipped and broken. If anything, this was the year I learned more about myself. What really mattered to me, what I really liked, who I really am. And time won’t stop to adjust for me so I need to to do it myself and learn along the way.  

Thanks for the lessons and memories, twenty fifteen.

To the people in my life who left, I wish you well. To those who I depended on but never bothered to care, I’ll be praying for you. To those who remained and understood, my utmost gratitude. To those who gave me the push to carry on, you don’t know how much it meant to me.

I pray that next year would be a whole lot better — wounds will be healed and I’ll become a better person with a rekindled and energized soul. And most importantly, happy. 🙂

Cheers to 2016 y’all! I promise that next year would be better and I will be writing more for you (whether you like it or not, haha!)

Here’s to us not growing old but only growing up (with a childlike wonder)! Naks! To creativity, positive vibes, happiness, geekiness, and adventures! Life’s too short to waste on hate and negativity. Thread on!


PS. Hi crush, sana marealize mo na ako ang meant for you. Joke.

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