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App Favorites: SHOPEE Shopping App

If you know me well enough, you’ve probably heard me gush about Shopee at some point. I try to avoid online shopping, because, despite its convenience, you can easily get carried away. Impulse buying!! *shakes fist*

Unabashed Guilty Pleasure – SHOPEE

Shopee was launched last December 2015 and is now the #2 shopping app in the Philippines. It is also highly-rated on both App Store and Google Play.

Why do I like thee?

Two things — Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD)

Those two things are what actually attracted me to try it. Though to note, the free shipping option only applies to a minimum purchase of Php250. I already bought quite a handful of products from various merchants on Shopee and so far, my experience has been nothing short of satisfactory.

With that profession of my Shopee addiction, I was glad to be invited to their event last Tuesday as they formally launch their Mobile & Gadgets Category, which is a fastest growing category on the platform.

They are expanding to offer an even wider range of gadgets, electronics, and accessories for tech lovers to choose from, like bestselling mobile phones, smartwatches, Virtual Reality boxes, power banks, and USB cables.

Several brands and shops such as MemoXpress, Torque, IntoGadgets, X-Mini, Bavin and My Kronoz Philippines have joined Shopee to provide a wide range of options at different price points.

In line with this, they will launch their biggest mobiles and gadgets promo on March dubbed as the “March Madness”, wherein technophiles can look forward to highlights such as the Mobile Mania and Shopee Exclusives. Discounts of up to 85% off, product launches, gifts and promo bundles are only a few of what users can expect during the March Madness that will happen from March 1 to 17.

Visit or you can download the app on iOS or Android.

In case the good heavens are tuning on on me, here’s my partial Shopee wishlist: (because tbh, there is so much stuff in there)

OTG for Android
Ultra SD Card
USB Card Reader
Mobile Telephoto Lens
Microscope Lens Adaptor
 X-Mini Click
Hexagon Socket
Gudetama Stuff!!
Tsumparadise Stuff

What are your favorite Shopee stores? Share it in the comments!

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