April Girls.

Today was indeed a good day to celebrate! πŸ™‚ The weather was not so friendly as it was humid and extremely hot but it didn’t stop us from celebrating our birthdates together! Remember the first time we’ve met? Haha! Antagal na! Dated back in August of 2010 pa! But anyhow, finally!! We’ve met each other again (and you’ll be appearing in my blog again! YAY for appearances of blogger friends!) πŸ˜€

Krissy and I spent the afternoon in Noriter Cafe for our halo-halo trip. And it was the halo-halo that almost ate me alive! Hahaha! It was the fruit salad-slash-halo halo. I’ve never eaten too many variety of fruits in one seating. There were watermelons, kiwi (first time to try it and my face went >__< haha!), bananas, pineapples, peaches, mangoes, beans in chocolate (i don’t know what it’s called), corn flakes and the vanilla ice cream that made it all splendid. After rummaging through the bowl of fruits that felt like forever, andaaaamiii padiiiing fruiiiiits!! O__O hahahaha!! Right, Krissy? But the Honey Bread was a different story, I consumed almost half of it (I think). I’m glad Krissy liked the place (hurray!) and then we went to The Collective in Malugay, Makati to check out the place. The taxi driver who drove us there was FAIL, he thought we were heading to Malibay. Lol. I said Malugay for the nth time already. We ended up going to EDSA from Buendia then back again to Buendia. Whew~

Unfortunately, the stores were closed yet except a few. We roamed around and bought a present for Meream! Hope you like it! πŸ™‚ We then decided to wrap things up and head home, the commute to Ayala was a blooper. Same goes from Buendia-MRT station to Guadalupe. Haha! I ended up walking from Robinson’s Pioneer back to Guadalupe! =__=;; Tiring.

Overall, it was a fun birthdate! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdates in the future! And thanks to Krissy for sharing this one with me, same goes to Meream whom we’ve wished to have been with us today so that it’ll be triple fun. I’m looking forward to the day the three of us April Girls will meet! I’m sure it’ll be epic! 

Happy Birthmonth to us Awesome and Wonderful April Girls! 

Speaking of dates, I just have to share a cute story about my first sort-of fancy date with D. As all of you may have read, months ago I had my fragile heart broken. But God was too fast on sending me a cure. πŸ™‚ He sent D. I may have dropped identities of him in some of my posts (he was and still is the Happy Pill, btw) but today I am finally giving you guys an idea of who turns my frown upside down.

We had our dinner last 15th at Sentro in Serendra. D, wearing slippers that time begged to have us seated outside the resto. With no other options, we were seated on a single table that felt slightly isolated from the area. We had the infamous Sinigang na Corned Beef (which he found weird, lol) and the Sizzling Tofu that was a major life-changing food for him. Haha! Both of us don’t appreciate tofu until sizzling tofu came. πŸ˜› As we were both going on with out dinner, a staff approached us, refilled our water glasses and commented: “Ang isolated nyo naman, para kayong nasa island. (You guys seem to be isolated, feels like you’re in an island.) Gusto nyo ng candle? Para romantic. (Would you like some candles? It’ll be romantic.)”
D and I just glanced at each other and thought it was both a cute and funny moment. What’s amused me more is that when the staff said that, she was really enthusiastic about it. It felt like what she said was something she would’ve liked to keep to herself but ended up telling it to us anyway. Haha. ^___^ It was really a cute moment. D asked me if are we really that like-able as a pair. Well, what do you think?

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