Back from the Heart of the Philippines — ILOILO!

I’m back from Iloilo! Jumpshots like a boss.

It was a long weekend spent with the best people I could ask for — my Superfriends!
Headed to Iloilo last friday (February 25th, this was s’ppose to be a holiday but Pnoy took it back so I ended up being absent at work), but the heck it was gonna be an awesome weekend.

Day 1 was spent roaming around Iloilo and visiting old churches. They were wonderful. I’ll post pictures later!
Then the next day we went to Guimaras Island!! It was paradise (oh how many places I have called paradise already). 

We went island hopping (more island hopping again in the future!), saw turtles (TURTLEEEEES!!), went through a mini cave hole to go to the other side of the rock, saw a tiny puffer fish, went snorkeling yet I failed to see any coz’ I can’t wear my glasses under the snorkeling gear and I can’t swim (thank God for lifevests) and I sorta panicked whenever I’m trying to get my pace in the water. ~ FAIL
Out on the beachside early in the morning is refreshing but when it’s terribly cold, you’ll have second thoughts.  I can be a bum in the beach the whole day and read books or edit photos and blog. 
I will be forever a girl of the sea despite the fact that I can’t swim. πŸ™‚

Byaheng Guimaras po!
Finally tasting the well-known La Paz Batchoy of Iloilo.
Anlayo ng lasa sa cup noodles. 
The cup noodle version doesn’t even give a slight justification to the real thing.
Until our next trip Superfriends!! SAGADA!!

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