Bangkok Misadventures Day 0.5 Part 2

After the crazy shopping adventure we had in Chatuchak Market. Time to see another part of the city!
Met-up with a good friend who works in Bangkok so we can go altogether to Siam.
Crossed to the BTS line from the MRT. Did I already say that I really love Bangkok’s train system?
Bangkok also has the same hustle bustle of the city. Just like in Manila.
Our first tuk-tuk ride heading to Siam Paragon!!

Too excited already. But quite doubtful that the mother will shell out 900 baht for the entrance, still *fingers-crossed*.
Siam Ocean World has the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. That got my attention. And also the sharks. Especially the sharks.
We came in just in time around past 7 since they are open until 8 only. I was silently screaming in my head to convince the mother for us to go inside — and she said YES!!!

I was awed with the marine life they preserved behind these thick layers of glass. They’re purrdy.

The real highlight for me were the sharks! They were big and look fierce but I still love them nonetheless. πŸ˜€ I was like a kid on a caffeine-high when the sharks gather altogether in an area and I try to snap a photo of them, those were WIN moments! Maybe next time I will seriously save up for that shark interaction activity they have. I swear!! I will touch em baby sharks! =^__^= 

Until my next post on our Bangkok Misadventures! πŸ™‚

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