Bangkok Misadventures Day 1.5 Part 2

Latter half of our second day was spent in Khao-San Road scouting for a tour to Ayutthaya.
Discovered and tasted Pad Thai (seriously, it is so good and cheap also), fresh orange juice with no additives (even sugar) which I loved to bits even though I am not a fan of fruit juices cept’ some. Khao-San road has this Malate equivalent vibe going on, wherein foreigners and backpackers are here and there. Thai massage, bangketa galore, more bangketa of odds and ends, food carts with endless choices, more foreigners, inns, travel agencies and a lively mix of cultures at night. Khao-San Road is a good visit at nighttime, do explore the streets and the undiscovered alleys of Khao-San when you get there! 

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