Because I’m Thankful and I’m Thankful for That

If there is one word to sum up how I feel I right now, it would be…
This should have been for Thanksgiving but it’s way too overdue and a lot had happened already, yesterday’s events was crazy already and the time I have left would not be ample to justify the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that have happened.

So let’s do a little time-turning…

Last week was indeed something I was thankful for. Thanksgiving on the 24th (even though we don’t really celebrate it here), I have a different reason to celebrate it even though it didn’t turn out well but still, 13th month pay (Hurray!), finally getting my new room painted up to almost 80%, new mattress and a 22″ LCD monitor that is currently giving me a headache but what really capped it off was the weekend that was spent with the SuperFriends. Epic! Haha!

Last weekend we decided to have a foodtrip in Binondo, I was a little under the weather but I know I needed a time out so I still went out.
Waiying was the place to be! The food was good but cheap!
They serve their house tea that was too yellow for your eyes. Well, I will just leave it for your eyes and imagination. Go figure. Didn’t get to taste it, not much a fan of tea, unless they’re flavored teas in nice packaging.
Roasted Duck and White Chicken meal.
Roasted Duck / Asado Meal.
The Hakao that I will forever love and not forget. Haha. One thing that I will always go back to Binondo for. I forgot the name of the meat wrap in sauce. What is it again Lei? (Because I know you read my blog, haha!)
Chicken Feet and Almond Lychee Drink.
My SuperFriends Lei and Kaille. I love them! 🙂

After the eating binge, we decided to hit our way to Divisoria (talk about random!), and as expected that it would be packed with people, we still went for it as Kaille wanted to buy some skirts and I wanted to look for curtains for my new room. Kaille got her skirts, my curtains, well, they just got viewed but not bought because I did not have any cash on hand and atm was hard to find around the area and the sea of people was tiring enough. So we just went straight up to Tutuban so that we can take the PNR train back to Libertad to browse for my new mattress (another random thing we decided to do that day).

And since we’re the Kings and Queens of Randomness
4D Theatre Ride!! Right inside Tutuban Mall!! How crazy is that right? Who would’ve thought? Haha!!
After our Melona Ice Cream break, we found this 4D Theatre ride for Php80/person and out of again another randomness, we gave it a go. Haha. It was fun. Well, we had more fun from laughing from ourselves rather from the show we’re watching. But the laugh was worth the 80 pesos. 😛
Plus them 3D glasses were fun to take pictures with. Or so you’ve thought we’re somewhere in Singapore, yuh? Hahaha!
Then the PNR Train Ride! Where we pretended it was Platform 9 and 3/4! Harry Potter Geeks Unite!! 
And we wouldn’t pass up a photo-op in the train…
…until we got conscious that the other passengers started staring at us. LOL!

When we arrived at Libertad, we went looking for my perfect mattress and the fun part was after acquiring the said double standard mattress, how to transport it back home.

Answer: Rent a Passenger Jeep.
Yes, we rented a passenger jeep just to get my mattress partially way home! How it got home, well, it was another epic story. But I will have to cut my story short as I have to go already and shuffle my way to work!
Whenever I remember our “Traveling Mattress Epic Day Adventure“, it always makes me laugh and be thankful for what I have.

What are the things you are thankful for?

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