Boracay for the Non-Party Person a/k/a Me

I will confess… I never really got attracted to Boracay. It gave me a notion that Boracay is all about partying, partying and did I say partying?

I’d probably choose other place over it but being a mermaid or a shark in my past life (how I wish), being able to feel the fine sands of Boracay — it was impossible not to fall in love.

Boracay on the rainy season might not sound as the best idea but I personally think it was just right for me. There are less tourists, less crowd, lower rates, more beach for you but there’s a chance of a few rainfalls every now and then. Well, to quote my little sister, “You are meant to get wet in Boracay.” So the rain wouldn’t hurt at all!

Arrived in Kalibo at noon, upon arrival at the airport there are vans that can take you to ports going to Boracay for around Php200/person (boat fare included) with a travel time of 1-1.5 hours.
We arrived in Boracay mid-afternoon, from the port you will have to ride a tricycle to reach the stations. Some streets were flooded, I got wet even before we reached the shore. Haha!
We settled out bags in our accommodation that we got cheap in station 2.  Got there just in time for the sunset. They say Boracay showcases one of the best sunsets, I was expectant. But alas, they meant summer sunsets, not rainy season sunsets. It was still spectacular tho, but nothing yet tops my pink and purple Guimaras sunset.

It was a long stretch to wander off. It didn’t lack of something interesting to see. Establishments, people, the sea itself, the horizon, the activities going on and can I say people again?
You can just spend the entire evening strolling barefoot in the sand. It’s a rewarding and calming experience, you should try it!

As the nighttime unfolded, I felt that I need not to worry about “Boracay is just all about the partying” impression. It is just one of the various options it can offer.
As for the non-party girl a/k/a me, I can’t wait for daylight to come to discover what gave Boracay it’s must-visit rave.

Well, the sand and water already had me at first touch. πŸ˜‰

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