Bourne and Breakfast

Yesterday was pretty hectic for me. Nevertheless, I had fun. 🙂
We get to visit Milky & Sunny in Kapitolyo and tried their specialties. Thank you Sir Bernard! Watch out for my Milky & Sunny feature in When In Manila as part of the Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series! 
Breakfast all day in Milky & Sunny! I loved their Spam and Bacon Pasta! And the Bananarama French Toast!
We were also able to watch The Bourne Legacy last night! It was great! Not so epic but that motorcycle chase in Manila — Oh boy. The adrenaline. *insert adrenaline junkie scream here* I love how all their scenes in Philippines. It had that lomo-fied effect and it was pretty. I always talk about how saturated India is in films and Manila in Bourne Legacy is wow. I almost recognized all the places they’ve shown and how they stitched the motorcycle chase from Pasay to Edsa to Marikina. It was awesome. *insert endless babble about the motorcycle chase here* I also like the cameo roles of some Filipino actors. They picked them well. Thank goodness they didn’t go for mainstream actors but veteran ones. Manila, Palawan and the Philippines in general is just so beautiful. I can’t wait to explore more of it!
Image from Universal Studios

On the other note, I’m glad the rain stopped for the weekend. They say a tropical disturbance is coming up but I’m praying it wouldn’t be too troublesome. My prayers also goes our to those who were affected by the floods. I did my share of helping and I think we all should. 
Have you done your share of helping already?
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