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#MimaiGoesTo: Club Balai Isabel’s Aqua Park!

Last May, I got invited to join a road trip led by 3M Automotive Tint and our destination was Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas! Mainly to try out their Aqua Park aka INFLATABLE PARK! *woot!*

We had an early start and headed our way to Batangas. Travel time to Club Balai Isabel is around ~two hours.

TIP: If you own a car, I believe that having your car windows tinted is a must. We’ve been experiencing blazing hot weather (even until now that the rainy season already started!), so protection from the sun is very important! Have you tried being in a car with no tint? Feels like hell. So sun protection, people! Sun protection!

Inflatable Water Parks have become an immediate hit over the summer, and suddenly we already have two in Manila, the other one is in Subic.

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park

Club Balai Isabel’s Inflatable Playground + Awesome view of Taal

Club Balai’s Aqua Park Packages:

Php 1,850/head
Inclusive of Lunch, Snacks, Use of Facilities like Pool, Basketball,
Billiards, and 1 Hour Aqua Park Ticket

Php 990/head
Inclusive of use of Facilities like Pool, Basketball, Billiards, and 1 Hour Aqua Park Ticket

Php 1,250
Four (4) pieces of 1 Hour Aqua Park Ticket

1 Hour Aqua Park Ticket

As you can see, playtime is limited to only an hour. But trust me, that is enough for you to explore and go through all the inflatable playground’s courses. Before heading to the inflatables, there will be a short briefing on the Safety Rules, and life vests are distributed. It is a requirement to keep your life vest on at all times while at play, even if you’re an expert swimmer. Remember that it park is situated on a lake so the water’s pretty deep. Also, just a heads up, lake water is pretty murky and expect lots of weed in the water.

Once you’re strapped in, you’re ready to bounce, slip, and slide at the inflatable park!

TIP: Wear aqua shoes! Trust me, you’ll get to enjoy it better with the aqua shoes on. I went to Inflatable Island barefooted and lord knows how many times I slipped and fell.

Don’t miss the GIANT SLIDE!!

It is best to plan your trip to Club Balai’s Aqua Park in the morning since it can get too hot around noon onwards. After a challenging hour in the inflatables, you can rest and chill the afternoon away at Club Balai’s pool. This activity is best for barkada bondings, team buildings, and even family outings. Although you need to be at least 100cm (3-ish ft) to play.

Thanks 3M for the very fun roadtrip! 🙂

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park

Have you been to Club Balai Isabel’s Aqua Park? How was your experience?

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