Coca-Cola Tree Lighting 2012: Open Happiness this Christmas!

We Filipinos are very happy human beings (read: people smiling in the middle of a calamity), yep, we’re that tough and happy bunch and Coca-Cola celebrates that one-of-a-kind resilience and happiness we Pinoys have.
 Last November 9 was the Christmas Tree Lighting event of Coca-Cola and I was glad to be able to witness it! After all the struggle I’ve been through on my way to Araneta (the traffic torture in C5, the habal-habal ride), it was all worth it when the Christmas Tree was lit!
What inspired Coca-Cola’s 100th year in the Philippines is how we Filipinos celebrate Christmas. I honestly believe we celebrate it uniquely (We start early in September! Beat that!), Christmas in the Philippines is all about family and sharing the happiness. Even in our smallest of ways, we always make sure that we share the Christmas happiness to everyone. The more, the happier
Coca-Cola wants to remind us that those small things we do to share the happiness matters. And the Christmas season is one of the best time to open happiness and pass it on! May it be a gift, food (I like sharing this kind!), a story, an encouragement or a hug! (And this should be done on a daily basis!)
So with that, let me share to you my adventure during the tree lighting event! πŸ™‚
Always remember, the more you give, the more you will also receive! So, keep on giving! 

The place was already packed when I arrived. Excitement level : High. Energy: Perking up. All gooood.

The Kapuso and Kapamilya starts started to perform just about when the dark skies are turning in.
Raise your hand if your excited for the tree lighting!! This is Alden Richards from the Kapuso network. Sorry guys, I rarely watch local tv so I really have no idea who is who. Thank God for the screen flashing their names! Nyahaha!

It’s raining media men, allelujah! 

Wait, I know this one. She’s Megan Young, right?

Joseph Marco from the Kapamilya network.
And Matteo Guidicelli! The fans went cray cray!

Jessy Mendiola. I believe she and Matteo have a show in ABS? Yeah. I remembered being pushed and rammed by fans when Jessy went down the stage and joined the crowd.

After all the ramming and pushing ordeal I’ve been through, time to go around and check out the venue. There’s the Coca-Cola Happiness bus!

Human-size Coke! I wonder if I’ve consumed that much soda in my life already.

My favorite truck of all!! Push the button and surprises will come out! I got cupcakes and Coke products! Too bad I don’t have a photo while pushing the button on the giveaway truck πŸ™
And I wish we also have the Happiness Vending Machine here in the Philippines too! That would be so much fun!

My happy stubs ready to be claimed!

I returned to the stage area just in time for the Coca-Cola Toast and the lighting of the grand Christmas tree!

Confetti in red and white! It’s the Coca-Cola spirit!
Ready for the lighting! In 3…2…
1!!  Just look at that towering tree of happiness!! It almost got me teary eyed! It was my first time to witness a tree lighting ceremony so it was very special for me. All those glittering lights and the trimmings! And another confetti shower too! So lovelyyyyy!

And there were fireworks too! The Christmas season is really here!

Good job Coke for the very wonderful event! I had a lot of fun! πŸ™‚
Met Paula after the event and we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a photo with the giant Christmas Tree (kahit sa sidewalk pa yan)!! ‘Scuse my haggard face though. Haha! That’s the surviving face from traffic, habal-habal and event plus all the sweat and ramming I’ve been through! :)) Feeling fresh padin kunwari!
Thanks Coca-Cola for bringing us the extra happiness and reminding us the simple joys of Christmas! 

Let’s continue to open the happiness and share it to everyone! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ πŸ™‚
Advance Merry Christmas guys! What are your small ways of sharing happiness this season? πŸ˜‰

Open Happiness at the Coca-Cola Website! Like the Coca-Cola President for Happiness Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter

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