Come Again to Camiguin!

Our Camiguin tour started at 12:30nn (sobrang bilis namin mag-lunch! sayang oras!).
Our drafted itinerary for the countryside tour: Ardent Hot Springs/ Katibawasan Falls/ Macao Cold Spring/ Taguines Lagoon/ Santo Niño Cold Spring/ Tausan Falls/ Gui-ob Church Ruins/ Sunken Cemetery/ Vulcan Daan/ Tangub Hot Spring (total of 8 hours) — but we don’t have 8 hours left to do the whole tour so we have to cut the tour short and we only get to visit 4 sites so that we can still go to White Island in the afternoon (we’re going after the low-tide condition of the sea) and if time permits, a few more after White Island. We only passed by the Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross since we don’t have too much time to spare.

Our first stop! Sto. Niño Cold Spring

Entrance Fee: Php 20.00 for adults, Kids 9yo and below are for free. Shed/Table Rental: Php 50.00

We only get to stay for 15minutes (time constraints! ugh!) but it was okay, not much to explore in the area. I just took the time to take some pictures and dipped my feet in the cold water.
It just kinda disappointed me though that the place was too commercialized (pool, etc), I prefer springs in their natural state, some development/construction is good but it is more fun when it’s closer to nature.

There was one thing I really enjoyed the most while we were in Sto. Niño Cold Spring — that crispy sheet of fried cassava flour drizzled with sweet arnibal on top. Sounds heavenly, yes? The And only for Php 5.00 sold by some old ladies outside the spring. Perfect to eat with ice cold softdrinks but make sure to have water handy. It gets nakakaumay from too much sweetness after finishing the whole circular sheet. But being the sweet tooth I am, I had 2! Good thing I didn’t get tonsilitis afterwards!

Eat it straight! Sarap!

Our next destination was the Soda Water Swimming Pool
Entrance Fee: Php 20.00 for adults, Kids 6-12 y/o Php 10.00. Cottage/Shed: Php 50.00. They are close on Wednesdays for maintenance.

We were just curious if it really tastes like Soda without the sugar.
They was a designated area wherein you can drink the water (no, you don’t drink directly from the pool! LOL!) — it really does taste a bit like sprite minus the sweetness and the fizz. I drank a lot because I had too much arnibal and wala akong tubig na nabili! Para-paraan! Haha! Another 15 mins and off we go to our next stop!
Known as Cotta Bato way back 1870’s and was the Capital of Camiguin. After the volcanic eruption, what was left were the ruins, this church site being one of them.

There was a small chapel inside and it was really nice and serene inside the area.
And there was this veeeery big tree! Ganda. Dito kami nagtagal, daming picturan na nangyari.

For our next location (and much awaited)… can you guess where?
That’s right! The famous Sunken Cemetery!
It looks so small from afar but wait when you get close to it. You’ll say wow. There are boats that can take you to the cross for a fee of Php 20.00. Puro ata bente ang bayad sa Camiguin.

The Giant White Cross in its towering beauty (kahit pa cross yan ng lumubog na sementeryo, haha!). Napa-wow nalang ako and imagined kung pano inakyat ni idol travel blogger Journeying James ang tuktok. Nakakalula na sa pag-iimagine pa lang!
More kodak-an moments!
We are inside the cross! Na-overexpose yung picture at nilamon kami ng liwanag. 😛
The inside of the cross. So that’s how. 
Akala ko ni-rapel ni Journeying James yung cross paakyat eh, hehe.
Medyo creepy sa loob. Baka may sadako na biglang sumalubong sayo.
If I’m not mistaken, that is a volcano. No worries, it’s not active. 

Time to get back to shore. Riding the paddle-boat back was kinda nerve-wrecking. The waves were not so friendly and even though the water was only a few feet deep, you can somehow see a few corals and if I was right with what I saw (I hope!) — a tombstone! They say it was used as a props in the movie Quija.
Trinkets and other pasalubong items are available in the area across the Sunken Cemetery.
I bought an ice cream for Php 21.00 — there goes the 20 pesos streak! Haha! Nasira ng piso sa ice cream.
That was bitin. I guess that’s why I should really come again to Camiguin. There’s a lot more to see. 🙂

Separate post on our White Island a/k/a Temptation Island escapade coming soon!

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