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Currently Chapter 4

This is a very late post as life is pretty much a hurricane, a lot of ups and downs happening but all is good and I don’t want to fall out of this series just because I’m a few days late. So here we go~!





Should I be ashamed for not being able to read any books for the past 2 weeks? T__T Sorry, reading gods!


Articles for work. Articles for blog. Whew.


Vicious Love by New Found Glory!! MV came out today! Watch itttt! I love them!


We fight as hard as we love!



Nada. Olfactory senses are still wrecked.


Crimson Red and Grey.


About upcoming plans. This coming weekend. The situation I am in and lots of things in between. I am really vague when it comes to this. Haha.


Surprisingly good. 🙂


The past weekends and dates with my Lolas.


Rodic’s Lunch with the Lolas | Fun with the sunflowers (find meeee!) | Photo edit that ended up looking like an OBB for a TV show | And eeep~ meeting Pepe Herrera again after a year! Pwede bang ako nalang ang Aileen nya? :”)








To catch Rak of Aegis again. Because I am overly smitten over Pepe Herrera. #noshame -___-”


More time in a day and more days in a week.


For an out of town trip. I miss going to far places. Sometimes I feel tired just thinking about all the grueling preparation and the actual on-the-road shenanigans but I honestly miss all the stress that comes with the joys of traveling.


How are you doing, btw? 🙂

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