A Day at the National Planetarium

UPDATE: The National Museum Planetarium extended its free admission for the month of May! YAY!!
See end of post for the show schedule 🙂

The National Planetarium officially opened its doors to the public again! And I’m really happy and excited for it because I remembered visiting there when I was young and immensely enjoying their show.

So I and my sister decided to visit and catch a show on its first day of opening. Hehe talk about excited~ ✨✨✨

Planetarium Shows are FREE until April 30!

The Planetarium’s first day was a hit. We arrived around 12:30nn in hopes to catch the 1:00 PM show but alas, it’s already full and the queue for the 2:30 PM show had started already. We waited for at least an hour to get our ticket. With almost an hour to kill, we just went around Rizal Park, had dirty ice cream and visited the Japanese Garden and Orchidarium.

The National Planetarium upgraded their facilities and boasts of their hybrid projection system which is a first in Asia. It’s an integration of their old analog projector dating back from 1975 and a newer digital projector that is developed by a Japanese company. Once you see the new Planetarium and the hybrid projector, it’ll leave you in awe.

Back then, I watched their show that is only projected on a portion of the Planetarium’s dome. But now, it’s a full dome show already and the projections are more realistic, thanks to the new hybrid projector! The show is so immersive that you’ll feel like you’re so close to the stars and bathed in the galaxy’s grandeur. At least that’s how I felt. It was reaaaaally awesome. 

I honestly nerded out during the show. 😐

They are showing three full-dome shows — A Planet for Goldilocks, Hayabusa Back to the Earth, and Journey to a Billion Suns.

Planetarium Show Schedule

Here’s the Planetarium Show Schedule for your guidance:

9:00 AM – A Planet for Goldilocks
10:30 AM – Hayabusa Back to the Earth
1:00 PM – A Planet for Goldilocks
2:30 PM – Journey to a Billion Suns
4:00 PM – Hayabusa Back to the Earth

10:00 AM – Journey to a Billion Suns
2:00 PM – Hayabusa Back to the Earth

The Planetarium is open from 8:30 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays to Sundays. Show admission is on first come, first served basis and as mentioned on NM’s official page, if there is a long line, they will only allow one show per viewer. The shows are suitable for children from 5 years old and up only and kids below 5 years old will not be admitted.

Here’s the trailer to the Journey to a Billion Suns to get you guys excited:

Cameras and mobile phones are not allowed inside the Planetarium, but don’t worry as there’s a baggage counter in the lobby where you can deposit your stuff. Not having these gadgets while watching the show is a good thing because it will make you focus on the show and enjoy every second of it. The show intro alone is already breathtaking.

Same old Planetarium building, but with upgraded facilities! Congratulations to the National Museum for reviving the Planetarium!

So I encourage you guys to visit the National Planetarium soon and catch one or all of their shows! Again, admission is free until April 30 so make the most of it! And I’m pretty sure that people will be flocking in the coming days so better come early so you can get a seat.

How to Get There?

The National Planetarium is just at the Rizal Park compound. It’s main entrance is along Padre Burgos Avenue, and is also accessible via Rizal Park entrance (just between the Japanese and Chinese Garden). If you’re taking the LRT, alight UN Station and walk your way to Rizal Park and find the Japanese Garden. It’s at the right side. You can also see signs that says ‘This Way to the National Planetarium’.

If you’re taking a car with you, I’m unsure about parking spaces. You can just park around Rizal Park’s vicinity and head to the Planetarium by foot.

Here’s a map for your guide:

A friendly reminder: Don’t forget to bring water, a fan, and an umbrella! With the weather we’re having recently, heat stroke is a possibility. The Planetarium’s lobby is also not air-conditioned so it can get really hot while waiting in line.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to the National Planetarium stat! 

PS. While you’re at it, visit the National Museum as well! It’s just nearby! 😉😉😉

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