Death and Disappointments

So my Japan VISA application was denied. It was disappointing. But it wasn’t so bad either.

I appreciate all my friends who felt sad on my behalf because they felt how I really wanted to go as I bought the tickets as a birthday gift to myself way back April. But you know, life happens sometimes and all iz well. *ily guys*

I am just antsy with the fact that I can only apply after 6 looooong months. So come April, I’ll apply again.

Who knows, something bigger and better might be on my way soon hence why this didn’t push through.

#JapanSaTamangPanahon :))))

My second-degree lola passed away the other day (talk about a really bad streak of events). She’s the closest thing I have to an actual grandparent and have very few but memorable moments with her (she’s a nun). And so I’m a little heartbroken. And it gave me that fear of my loved ones dying on me. This is why I want to go first.

See you when I get there, Lola Marilyn. You will always be remembered. 


Two daunting D’s in two consecutive days. I’m not sure how I’m holding up so well.


Leave me a hug or two?

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