December days won’t be complete without the staple puto bumbong and bibingka.

December is my hands-down favorite month of the year. Maybe it’s the holiday bliss that gives me the blissful spirit despite the badvibes that welcomed the first few days of my December. Nevertheless, things are turning up pretty well and happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this will continue for the rest of December and until 2011.

I am very thankful for a newfound source of happiness. My December bliss indeed [might be discussed what/who/when/where/why in the future, in due time lovelies].

The night former to last night I was praying that I can finally step forward and let go of the things that’ve scarred me.

I have forgiven them people who have hurted and done me wrong. A heavy load to bring is not necessary anymore. Time to let them all go. The hardships and pains of 2010 will be so yesterday.

I am looking forward to better days with my family, friends and loved ones. More ad- and misadventures for 2011. And more places to visit, more pictures to take, more memories to build.

Good vibes for the coming days and the upcoming year!

Alcide’s motherboard had a crash and burn incident last week hence me being PC-less for 2 weeks (approximately), hopefully it’ll be back before Christmas.

A lot had happened this week and I’m planning to have a massive backpost this weekend as I hoard the family laptop for my own use haha. And i’ll be in Cebu (again!) for the weekend!

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