Eating Spaghetti with Chopsticks at Yomenya Goemon!

We Pinoys grew up with our sweet Jolly spaghetti (i admit its a guilty pleasure), but how about Japanese Spaghetti? Sounds different but interesting at the same time.
Not even everyone appreciates the original tomato-laden Italian spaghetti. So, are we up to the challenge of being adventurous when it comes to spaghetti?
Yomenya Goemon just landed in the Philippine shores late October this year, bringing us the concept of eating our spaghetti with chopsticks!
Yomenya Goemon is named after Japan’s version of Robin Hood — Ishikawa Goemon. I was a little more than amazed when I found out about it (nothing beats the joy of learning about new cultures, yes?) Yomenya Goemon started way back in 1976 in Shibuya and the rest is history.
Their first branch in the Philippines is in Greenbelt 3, Makati and we were lucky to be able to try Japanese spaghetti during their first opening week! 

I had the impression that Japanese spaghetti is more or less like ramen but with less soup/sauce. In fact, it is just really spaghetti — al dente pasta and the works (Western ingredients), but with Japanese ingredients incorporated on it and they prepare it the Japanese way. Aside from the original menu selections (around a variety of 30 and that’s alot), they also added what they call “Philippine Flavors“, these are pasta dishes with Filipino ingredients (like Pork Longganisa & Broccoli). And they have seven (7) variety of pizza dishes.

Moving on!!
You can choose to seat by the kitchen counter, enjoying your Japanese spaghetti and watch the chefs do their work. πŸ˜€
Or pick a table (in bright yellow color) with their unique placemats!
Ishikawa Goemon everywhere!
Getting ready with the chopsticks! (Poor D, he’s not very good with chopsticks but he has to learn it!)
We started with an order of Wafu Salad (Php100 as an add-on). 
Words are not enough to express how much I loved this salad. Yeah, it’s that good (at least for me). The crispy veggies, the generous heap of bonito flakes on top and the vinaigrette dressing. Hmm. I was so close to getting a take out of this. Haha!
Now let’s start eating spaghetti with chopsticks! 
We asked them what they can recommend because we want our first Japanese spaghetti experience to be worth it and Sir Vallar suggested we take the Shabu Shabu Boiled Pork and Japanese Vegetables (for the meat lover aka D) and for the seafood lover (yours truly), the Mentaiko Shrimp and Japanese Herb.
Shabu Shabu Boiled Pork and Japanese Vegetables (Php295) – This one is sesame-oil based pasta and with a subtle taste. The pork topping is tender and its flavor (with a kick of spice) goes well together with the noodles. I honestly think that you will easily get umay with the noodles if you don’t eat it with the the pork. Don’t worry coz’ the meat serving is pretty generous.
You might ask, is it worth the price? Hm. Personally, I think it is. When you get your order, you’ll understand why. πŸ˜‰ 
Mentaiko Shrimp and Japanese Herb (Php395) – Mentaiko is marinated (spicy) roe and it gave the dish an interesting texture. Felt like eating lato but a lot smaller. I liked this one better than the shabu shabu boiled pork because I think it has more flavor, plus its seafood! I really liked the creamy sauce and the medley of textures.
They also have tomato-based pasta and soup spaghetti! Yes, you’ve read it right. SOUP SPAGHETTI. That is something I should try next. It sounds weird tho. I feel it would be soggy spaghetti but I hope Yomenya will change my mind.
Hello D. Looks like you’re enjoying your spaghetti.
But of course, we don’t stop there. We have to try their pizza too!

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m not a big fan of pizza (ack, don’t slay me!) because it’s greasy and most of the pizza crusts I’ve tried didn’t really make me happy. S & R pizzas would be an exception tho. I love it. Period. And those cheap pizzas too. I am not ashamed that I love em. Especially when they smother it with cheese. An instant and affordable guilty pleasure.

Anyway, back to Yomenya’s pizzas!

We tried their Porcini Pizza with Bacon and Three Mushroom (Php450) and woah, I’ve changed my mind. The crust is soft and chewy and reminiscent of a naan bread but a better version with all the savory toppings. Sooo gooood.
I took some of the remaining pizza to work and they all loved it!! I’m getting this again on our next visit to Yomenya.
I was so full already after the pizza but I wouldn’t miss dessert of course! We would wear it out but heck, there is always, and I mean ALWAYS, room for desserts.
We had their Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream (Php160) and the chocolate cake was sinfully gooooood. I acutally ate all of it. The ice cream was taken care of by D. The chocolate cake was all mine, all mine!! *evil laugh*
You will be remembered as a very good chocolate cake. :’) I love youuu.
After filling ourselves with all that food, we were invited to check out their kitchen but I only went in to peek coz’ I’m scared I might disturb them while doing their work.
(L) Chef Adrian Yeo came straight from Singapore just to train the local chefs in making the perfect bowl of Yomenya Goemon’s Japanese spaghetti.
Just look out for this big, bold and blue Yomenya Goemon signage in Greenbelt and you’re in the right place!
They have a glass display similar to Tokyo Cafe.
The chefs inside were posing for us but the glare killed the photo πŸ™
Thanks so much Yomenya Goemon and Ms. Aya for inviting us! We had a great time and trying Japanese spaghetti was a fun and new experience! We will definitely go back and try the other varities. But of course, I will stick with my wafu salad and the chocolate cake. πŸ˜‰
2/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
Contact Number: (+63) 747 2048
PS. A note though, their pasta dishes are strictly for dine-in only because they want to ensure delivery of top quality spaghetti.
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