February is LOVE month.

The best way to start February is with L-O-V-E.
After a stressful afternoon from work because of work-related, no — more of work-people related stress. Goodness the negative stress didn’t came from me nor my friends but somebody else who needs a little enlightenment because their perception is getting dense. Please do wake up and smell your error. Edit/Revise. (My work is taking over me.)

And we should all move on from it and just be happy because there are more reasons to be happy than dwell on something that will not even help. Hear hear. I’m just looking at the bright side how friendships are tested and I am proud to say I have good-hearted friends. 
Videoke is the way to release stress. Tested and proven. Yes siree.
First time to go to Music 21. And wow, should I say that I enjoyed a lot. Especially the chicharong bulaklak and cheese-flavored french fries. Definitely the french fries made the cut. πŸ˜›
We cashed out a bit off our budget because we enjoyed too much. 5 hours of videoke is never enough.
We spent the first days of the week listing love songs we like, hence the valentine videoke theme came. Pure love songs marathon (may pinaghuhugutan lahat) Hahaha!! The upbeats just came when everyone was starting to feel drowsy from the cheesiness of the love songs — or maybe it was the alcohol they drank.
They had a couple of drinks, I passed. Said I won’t intake alcohol anymore since I’m allergic to it. But drank about 2 tablespoons of it and got a headache and a burning sensation in the stomach. Alcohol is not my friend. Ever.

The heartbrokens, single, happily engaged, searching, etc etc. πŸ˜€ Haha. I love you guise. 

I shall leave you with my face because I look scary sometimes. My eyeballs will forever be the fancy and fear of me. O__O

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