FOOD: Feeling King at King One Rotary Hot Pot

Heads up! This is a photo overload post. You’ve been warned!

Saturdates are dedicated to eating or just plain having the time of our lives. If I’m not out of the road, I’ll be indulging my taste buds with the good stuff (and as much as possible, affordable). πŸ˜€

The highlight of yesterday’s Saturdate was King One Rotary Hot Pot in Hobbies of Asia in Macapagal Avenue. I’ve been hearing so much about this place since last year and my expectations were fully met.

Talk about Seafood and Meat overload.

The most interesting thing about King One is their conveyor belt from where you can directly take a plate of your choice ingredient (well, that is if you’re seated right next to the area. So when we arrived, I asked if they have a table beside the conveyor belt, I personally want to experience getting my food from it.


And so we were seated on the last available table, the area was a little crampy but it will do. They gave us a few papers which are actually menus wherein you’ll get to check your choice of soup stock, side order (an extra treat from them because it’s for free) and ingredients for your hot pot.

We chose the Satay and Szechuan (spicy) soup base.

Satay on the left and obviously, from the floating chilies that got me scared, Szechuan (spicy) soup on the right. The Satay soup had a distinct taste and that if you add some of the house sauce, it has that spicy kick that was just perfect to my taste. Szechuan on the other hand, was delicately spicy so no reason to be scared from its hot red color and feast of chilies and pepper. Just add a few of spring onions, garlic and their house sauce to suit your liking.

Tip: Enjoy the first serving of your soup, upon asking for refill, they will just add (if I’m not mistaken) hot water to it so the soup flavor gets a little bland.

Red, yellow and greens in combination is always pleasing to the eyes.

They also offer bottomless drinks for Php65. There is also a choice for fruit shakes (the server said it’s not bottomless though) but that got us confused since it indicated there “ADD P20” (maybe add 20 to the buffet rate?) so we just opted for Sprite and Lemon Green Tea.

For the free side order, you can take a pick from Lechon Kawali, Salt & Pepper Fried Squid, Braised Pork, Yang Chow Rice and I forgot the other choices. I’m not sure if it’s refillable though. D chose Braised Pork, he said it was alright.

We were then served the ingredients we ticked from list. I, of course, almost went crazy on the seafood and D was for the meat.
Shrimps! They served medium-sized shrimps but what I liked most was that they were fresh and juicy.

Oysters. You can have an oyster all you can here. But that won’t be too healthy. Haha!
They also have scallops, I wanted to order them but no more space!

And the fish! I can forever eat fish. I had one more serving of this only for myself. =)) Their fish fillet was really good.

I forgot what these are. Chicken balls I guess?

Fresh Beef Balls with Cheese. This was pure goodness. But wait until you try the Mozarella Cheese Balls, they were awesome.

Lobster Balls and the Mozarella Cheese Balls.

These Mozarella Cheese Balls that I will never forget. Fishball filled with oozing cheese. It was so surprisingly yum that I asked for another order. They were reaaaally good and now they’re my favorite! I know, I know. I eat too much.

Then here comes the Meaaaaat!! πŸ˜€
I believe this was the Fat Beef. They really serve a hefty plate of it. D’s the meat fan but I enjoyed it all the same. Still, my love belongs to the seafood. πŸ˜›

If I’m not mistakes, these are the Lamb Slices.


What I liked most about this King One experience of us was that we were overwhelmed with flavor — from the soup and to the ingredients. Because one thing I noticed whenever I try hot pot/shabu-shabu places is that it gets to a point where the flavor gets steady, based on the soup stock used. But with this one, there was a suprise of flavor with every bite of the different ingredients. That was the most fun part of the eating.

We managed our way to finishing our orders, with D almost dying from being too much full already and me still fighting on behalf of man versus food. I tried to buffer it by eating sweet corn in between. I thought the game was already over but they served us a fruit platter of watermelon, melon and pineapples (which is also free) when we are almost finish with our meal. I wanted to eat some but I was really too full already.

As you can see, D is already dead from too much eating. Hahaha!!

Another one good buffet found in the Metro and we’re into trying more of them! Recommendations, anyone? πŸ™‚

King One Rotary Hot Pot can be found at M2-A L/G Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila. It is adjacent to Mini Stop.
Contact Number: 556-1370

Php479 per person for Lunch (Monday to Saturday)
P529 for Dinner and Lunch on Sundays (Monday to Sunday)

Operating Hours:
Lunch 11:00AM to 2:00PM
Dinner 6:00PM to 11:00PM

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