FOOD: Hainanese Delights

Our hefty order that surprised us (L-R, clockwise): Hainanese Chicken Delight, Tofu Terrific, Bring the Beef and Tender Beef Tendons Noodles.

I was finally able to had my taste of Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Pioneer last week. I was already eyeing this place since last year because of my sudden addiction to Hainanese Chicken after my first taste of it in Bangkok, and fortunately this time, our paths have crossed.

And the best part of it? UNLIMITED HAINAN RICE. That sounded golden to us.
Their Hainan rice ain’t as authentic as you wish it would be but it is good enough and goes well with their Hainanese Chicken. Their Tender Beef Tendons Noodles was probably my favorite, the beef was indeed tender and the soup was really flavorful.

I wish to soon taste the Hainanese Chicken of Singapore. *fingers-crossed*

The view from where we sat.

Hainanese Delights is one of those bang for the buck food place. The food is good and not expensive and they offer rice-all-you-can, a place worth to visit.

My eating buddy. πŸ™‚ We eat a lot. And I really mean, A LOT.

Our total damage for our meal. Considering the amount of food we had (that can feed up to 4 persons), it was a good deal for what we paid. I will certainly go back there and have a quick fix of Hainanese Chicken.

And oh, I loved their Sparkling Berry drink. πŸ™‚

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