FOOD: Hawker 101

If you’ve been following my gluttony food adventures, you already know by now about my love for Chicken Rice/Hainanese Chicken (par my love for Paella).

I’ve been hearing about Hawker 101 for some time now and their Hainanese Chicken.
Ever since I started working in McKinley, Makati became distant to me when in fact 12 months ago I was a true blue Makati yuppie. Times I visited Makati in the past 12 months: Maybe less than 30 or 20.
Good thing D works in Makati thus it’s a good excuse to go there and have lunch with him on weekdays or days when I just plainly miss him. Before we were contained on the establishments around Jupiter area, but Makati offers a lot of food places and we just need to try them — under 1.5 hours of D‘s lunch break. Impossible? No. Crazy? Borderline maybe.

Hainanese Chicken Bowl (Php 100)
Best thing about Hawker 101? They serve affordable food in big servings — and really good too.
No wonder when we arrived there at noon time, the place was already packed.

Hainanese Chicken (top) and Cereal Prawns (Php 370/ 8 pieces)
The Chicken Rice verdict — it was gooood. But I should say Wee Nam Kee still has my heart. But for a quick, cheap Hainanese fix, Hawkers is the place to get it.
As for the Cereal Prawns, I was surprised that they served medium-sized prawns and 8 pieces of it for that price? It sure is a steal. Plus it was yum! Next time, I’ll try their Chili Prawns!
Nasi Goreng (Php 120/set)
Boy, they do have big servings. I eat, A LOT. And I really mean a lot, sometimes I can go up to 4 cups of rice (no shame!). We ordered a lot since we expected we can chow them all, someone from the next table actually wondered if we can finish all that we ordered (D overheard him asking his lunchmate, haha!)
Char Kway Teow (Php 100) — it literally means “stir-fried ricecake strips

I wasn’t able to eat much of the Char Kway Teow because I’m too full already — but was able to take several forkfuls of it and all I could say that it was good but a tad salty.
Our damage ended up at Php 715. But it was well worth it and we ate too much!
Also included with our meal was their botomless juice, nothing special I think.

Overall, I enjoyed our fully-loaded lunch and I can’t wait for my Singapore trip on September to try their dishes especially the Hainanese Chicken Rice that Anthony Bourdain boasted about!

Until our next food trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unit 102 Campos Rueda Building; 101 Urban Ave., near corner Buendia and Ayala Ave., Makati City
Monday to Friday: 6AM to 10PM
Saturday: 6AM to 3PM
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