Getting Krissyfied.

I guess I’m already infected if Krissyfied was a virus. πŸ˜›
Sometimes I think so weird. It’s very normal for me. Hee~

Last Friday night (20th of August; also the day when globe unli services kept denying me and telling my number is unrecognized but that is not my point) aaaaand… I was able to meet Krissy of krissyfied.com! We were supposed to meet Meream too, but due to unfortunate circumstances (eg, traffic in metro manila) she wasn’t able to go thrifting with us in Cubao.
So after my work I went straight to Gateway in Cubao to meet-up with Krissy. I was honestly anxious about it because I’m not really the sociable one and I’m also a bad conversationalist (I prefer to do the listening than the talking). But hey, I was there already and I think I needed a little unconventional shift from my usual and doing such a thrifting meet-up seemed a good idea.

Friends, this is Krissy. Isn’t she pretty? Ha. wordplay. πŸ™‚
When we met near the escalator in Gateway she was all smiles and handed me a very lovely present. I wasn’t able to contain the delight. I kept making unnecessary squee-ing noises and fumbling up and down, what a shame. *facepalms*

The little vintage surprise. 

I β™₯ this page. I have to agree that I am the in-between reader that reads in-between books.

The illustrations are very pretty and whimsy. Really a vintage treasure. Thank you Krissy!

Then we headed to a nearby thrift store and I was able to score a vintage day dress, two skirts and a jacket for the mother — all for 360 pesos. πŸ˜› This is why I love thrifting so much.
And after that we went straight to Cubao X despite the light rain beginning to pour. I was feeling a little tour guide-ish as I was telling Krissy about this and that (sorry I kept blabbering -__-;; I was nervous, really!).
I was hoping we could take good pictures to show you guys but it was raining and we were lugging our thrift hauls giving us the arm workout. Haha.

Then we went to dine at Singapore Chicken Rice and had a fun chat. I think we’re star-crossed buddies Krissy! πŸ™‚ I still feel so happy knowing that I’m not alone with the condiments thing.

It was a very fun meet-up and I’m hoping to meet more awesome bloggers like Krissy (and Meream, too!) in the coming days. πŸ™‚ We shall meet again soon, yes?

PS. To Krissy: Seeing how both of us are such tween-agers and young at hearts, I think you should visit Noriter Cafe very soon! I think you’ll love it there. πŸ™‚ And Paco Park is also nearby, it’s a fun place to do a shoot. 

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