Go Nuts with Cookie Butter Donuts!

Helloooooo~I’m back from the dead busy life! How are you guys?

Kamustahan aside, let me share with you something that’s making me crazy for the past few days.


Yes, you’ve read it right. Donuts. I grew up loving donuts, Dunkin Donuts (strawberry-filled is my favorite), Mister Donut, then came the Krispy Kreme which I grew tired of easily because it was too sweet, Happy House (for the quick cheap fix), Country Style (TRIPLE CHOCO BOOM!), Cello’s too cute to eat letter donuts and the recent oh-wtf-is-this-long-queue of J.Co’s Donuts.

And at work, we really do love our turned-into-tradition GoNuts Donuts fix on paydays. My lovely friends at work can attest to this, right guys?

So I got really excited when GoNuts announced that they’ll have a new flavor coming up and it’s exciting and.. sinfully good.

They weren’t kidding.

IT WAS COOKIE BUTTER DONUT. COOKIE. BUTTER. DONUT. It’s an immaculate mix of cookies and buttery goodness on a donut. It’s like.. cookie dough but better.

It was said to be available last April 1st but I was able to get my fix before Easter. Yes, I was that determined to get my grubby hands on em donuts. And I was too excited that I wasn’t able to take good photos to share with you guys. Soooo… this was a good excuse to get myself more of em cookie butter treats!

Thank you GoNuts Donuts! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have no more words as to how good these babies are. You will have to try it yourself. I like em a little chilled! Either chilled or not, it would really make you close your eyes and HMMMMM. Can you imagine yourself already? Haha! Grab some and let me know how you liked it!

You can check out GoNuts Donuts! Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to know where you can your Cookie Butter Donuts fix! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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