#IAmUrbanBrave: The City Life is a Love-Hate Thing

Being born and raised in the city doesn’t exactly mean that I love every bit of it.

Came the day I got into the workforce and that was when the I truly accepted the challenges of this city we live in. Heavy traffic, crazy population, the everyday commute, and did I mention heavy traffic? You can’t help but hate that part of living in an urban city. So what can this girl do to survive?

Well, simply brave everyday and find the small things that make the challenges worth it.

That said, I’m grateful for the things that help make the city life bearable and a tad lot easier. Starting off with these products that you can get from Urbanize PH:

1. HelloLulu Dean Camera Bag – It’s a no-brainer since I love to take photos and my camera is something that I can’t leave behind. I own a Fuji X-M1, a pretty compact camera so the Dean camera bag is just perfect. Camera well-protected, looks chic, and it’s in my favorite color. What’s not to love?

2. HydraPak Flexible Bottle – With our weather, it’s important to keep hydrated all the time. I just found out about HydraPak and I think it’s awesome as it’s lighter and easily portable. I usually bring my Nalgene with me, it’s a staple everytime I go out traveling but it can be a bulk sometimes. Owning a HydraPak might be a lifechanger.

3. Qliplet – It’s a modified carabiner with a rotating, folding hook, hangs or rests just about anywhere. You had me at carabiner. If you’ve read some of my travel posts and actually see me in my ‘travel mode’, you can say that I love my carabiners. It’s so useful — I use it to hang my water bottle, secure my bag (instant padlock), and pretty much attach stuff on my bag. So clearly, a Qliplet goes on my top 5 list.

4. Classic 44L Cabin Bag from Cabin Zero – This one’s been on my wishlist for quite some time now. I immediately fell in love with this bag when I saw it. It’s ultralight, sturdy, and comes with a warranty.

5. ElectroLight™ Micro Packing Cube from Lewis N’ Clark – I just discovered the wonders of packing cubes recently and I can’t wait to upgrade the one I have with a sturdier built and waterproof. This one fits the bill just right.

I’m an OC person and these items will help me be more organize for a more smooth-sailing urban living (and works double for when I travel). I got a bit wiser when it comes to purchasing things, I make sure that I can maximize its use in my daily life and whenever I go traveling, so this list reflects it well.

The Urban Life is a love-hate thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it easy-peasy and worthwhile. 😉

You can get these products from Urbanize. It’s a one-stop lifestyle store made for the Urbanites that offers the latest bags, organization solutions, accessories and urban lifestyle products from leading global brands.

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