Ilocos Chronicles: Waking Up In Vigan

Nothing feels so much better than waking up on a new place, unfamiliar yet exciting.

And guess who beated Katy Perry’s Waking Up in Vegas? My own’s Waking Up in Vigan moment (come on, I know you want to sing it)!

We left Manila on a Thursday night heading to Laoag. It was a smart choice to go for GV Florida‘s sleeper bus because aside from the comfortable seats — we arrived in Vigan in 6.5 hours!

TIP: Choose middle seats (and top bunks if you’re not the dizzy type) because they’re less cramped. I was seated at the driver’s side (I think 3 seats behind) and it wasn’t comfortable all the way because of the i-dont-know-what-it-is metal obstruction thing on the window side. But trust me, sleeper buses are the way to go for long trips.

FARE: Php750 to Bantay, Vigan. There is no terminal in Vigan so passengers will be dropped off in Bantay, at a gasoline station along the highway if my memory serves me right.
Time of Departure: 10 PM


Touchdown Vigan at 4:30 AM! We planned on waiting until 7AM to check-in our things but we were too sleepy so we went ahead to Casa Teofila to check-in. We paid extra for the early check-in, didn’t anticipate it but we gave in anyway. Sleep was too hard to resist.

Tricycles are easily available around the drop-off area, so going to your lodging won’t be a problem. Standard rate is Php 80.

Off to sleep we went! Our adventure in Vigan is just about to begin.

GV Florida Transport
Lacson Avenue Corner Earnshaw Street Manila Metro Manila
Contact No.: 743-380

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