Remember that package that came weeks ago? Well, I’ve finally had the time to assemble it and TADAAAH!! Say hello to Isagani, my Recesky camera. πŸ™‚

Isn’t he nice?

It took me almost 5 hours (breaks included) to fully assemble it. What took time was the shutter that hated me. It wouldn’t click so I have to do something about it — placed a piece on cardboard on the shutter release.  It worked like magic. I just hope it’ll last for long. The shutter not shutting incident almost drove me nuts, 80% of my time assembling the whole thing was spent on it.  And now I am itching to get films, films and more films. =D I can’t wait to take photos with this! I can already imagine my self tagging along 4-5 cameras when going places. Haha! My life is in doom, yet happy. That’s what matters. β™₯

Have a blessed Holy Week guys! Don’t forget to reflect on what is really important.

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