It’s a Hodge Podge Christmas!

Just got back from the fun, long weekend vacation and here I am bearing gifts for you all! ๐Ÿ˜€
Our friends from Hodge Podge (in collaboration with sharkmaine.com and When In Manila) will be giving away some of their soooo cute bottle cap goodies as an early Christmas treat!
Check out my feature for Hodge Podge in When In Manila HERE!
Thanks Gel and Kei for sending some of these super cute goodies!
They’re so cute I wanna dieeeee!” 
I like the moustache necklace and the spitting rainbow magnet! And I know Instagram-lovers will love the IG keychain!
Now you have the chance to win one of these cute Hodge Podge products by joining our giveaway!
PS. Don’t forget to comment which one you want to win! Your choices are the Nyan Cat keychain, Meme Face Boy pin, Meme Face Girl pin, Pokeball keychain, Super Mario Brothers keychain,  Moustache necklace, Love Paris necklace, Spitting Rainbows magnet, Blogger keychain and the Instagram keychain.

Goodluck and very early Merry Christmas to you guys! ^__^
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