Komikon 2012 Aftermath

The 8th Philippine Comics Convention or better known as the “Winter” Komikon was held last October 27 at Bayanihan Center – Unilab in Pasig City. D and I were there to join the fun, check out new comics and meet my comic artist friends! 
Remember when I said, “see you at Winter Komikon“? πŸ™‚
More photos up next!

Cute beanies from Bini Boshi! Wanted to get myself that Jake beanie! T__T

It raining men mangas! Allelujah!
Kubori Kikiam’s Sir Michael David and I’s picture-ception!
 I once dreamt that I will meet the boy of my dreams in a bookstore. :))
Hello there Gloomy Bears, sorry I wasn’t able to take you home. I was low on funds. πŸ™
That seafood diet pin is so applicable to me. Hahaha!!
Pins from Beerkada! Hello Sir Lyndon! Nice meeting you again! 
One of my favorite booths! Betamaks Ph! Love their concepts and the postcards I bought from them.
More photos HERE!
And here’s my Komikon loot ~ I was on budget so I tried so hard to limit my purchases. I don’t know if I really succeeded tho. I still bought a lot. *creys
Finally bought my own copies of Kubori Kikiam! And an illustrated children’s comic book, “Ang Tatlong Sumpa” that reminded me of Mr. Fantastic Fox. πŸ™‚ 
Random Fact #056: I love colored covers and children’s books. 
It’s always funny whenever people think Mimai is spelled as Mimay. Haha!
 A very nice Trese poster! Can’t wait to put this up on my wall!
  Postcards from BetamaksPH! πŸ™‚
And we got ourselves chibi-fied before calling it a day! Yay for my green-haired chibi! Oh wait, I do have green hair. Hahaha!!
Again, it was another fun Komikon! I couldn’t find the other indie comics though, I got lost in the sea of people. The place got too jampacked in the afternoon!  >__< I /quit on going around because of too.much.people. Ack. Maybe next time they can do Komikon in a larger venue.Nevertheless, I will still attend next year’s komikon! So, see you there? (~__^)
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