Late Lunch in Rage + Christmas Shopping.

For the first time in my 22 years of existence, I did an early Christmas shopping. I’m still halfway tho. And in my eagerness to cover most of the Christmas stash, I forgot to buy my necessities. (-__-;;) le epic fail.
I was suppose to postpone the activity because of the terrible stressful event that occurred to the household, but no better choice than to get up and gather ourselves up.
Good thing today is a holiday and yesterday was payday.
Dayout with the sibs. Trio bonding.

Late lunch with the sibs. We were given bad service hence me turning FUUUUU (as pictured below). Hahaha. It was crazy. Good thing mojos never fails to make me happy.

Personal stash from the mad shopping that occurred today. Too many bows and stripes.

Looked for other gifts as well for le family and inaanaks (how bout car seats for kids?)
I’m still amused by how I purchase clothes, I get attracted to heavy fabric-ed clothes (eg coats, jackets) on summer seasons and now that we’re into the cold season, I’m into thin fabrics. Me and my mixed-up brain.

Tomorrow I’ll resume the shopping gifts-buying and treat myself some frozen yogurt to forget about the stress. And thrifting!! I need my dose of thrifting very very soon.

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