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Life Lately Chapter 9

Hi guys. How’s life treating you?
Mine’s a little rough lately, but I’m still very thankful. I hope all is well on your end. ๐Ÿ™‚

(1) We’re currently in Iloilo to visit our lola whose cancer had recurred. It was sad to find out about her condition and she might not live for long hence why we had to visit her as soon as we are able. I hope you guys can include her in your prayers. Would greatly appreciate it.
(2) Cards Against Filipinos
(3) Workload decided to be a little crazy the past few weeks. I am so stressed.
(4) Lined up for 1.5hours to get a taste of the newest hype in town — The Halal Guys. Got chicken and Gyro and hm, it wasn’t really so spectacular but the chicken was really gooooood and the pita bread too. Tried the chicken wrap the following day but I wasn’t really impressed. =(
(5) Thanks to the awesome guys at Vivere Megamall for the lovely hair treat. They retouched my roots and gave me a very nice haircut that I loved to bits.
(6) I thank God for rakets. I am so behind on my Japan trip budget.
(7) I’ve been cramming like hell for my Japan trip. I haven’t applied for my Visa yet so idk how will this turn out. Wish me luck!
(8) Tried Honey Creme ice cream — it was okay. ๐Ÿ˜
(9) It’s always awesome to meet a friend unexpectedly and talk about life and travel. Shoutout to ate Mae of!
(10) Check out The Grill Boy at Spark Place owned by my good friend Richie Z of ThePickiestEater! I love their Pancit Canton, Sisig (!!!), and Grilled Tuna Belly. Also… unli rice. Haha!
(11) Dinner with my MIMS friends! It had been a while and I missed these gals.
(12) Do check out my sister-from-a-parallel-universe, Grace’s creations at Fandom Feels PH! I’m a big hoarder fan of her stickers!
(13)ย Thai pants are the best. They’re comfortable and best when I’m on the road. Send thai pants my way!

That’s it so far! I would love to hear from you guys!

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