Man v. Food: The Sambokojin Love and Food Affair

Let this be a commercial break before I continue my CDO-Camiguin posts. This was long overdue but I missed eating (a lot), that is why I think this is just timely.

Was able to try SAMBOKOJIN (finally!) Eastwood Branch when he came to visit. Why love and food? Because food is something we both love and more often than not, we cap our days of being together with a hefty food feast. And when I mean hefty, buffet it is. And we don’t hold our horses. Haha!

Sambokojin is my new favorite place next to Hotpot buffets. 
I should say that I will highly recommend this place because for one, they have great service and second, bacon-wrapped food (LOL!), that was half-meant but yes, they serve real good food so it’s worth the price.
And would really like to highlight their service, they were fast in refilling their selection and nabusog ako sa iced tea sa bilis magrefill ni kuya! :)) Wala pang kalahati ng baso ko may refill na agad! Baka napansin nyang anlakas ko kumain. Hahaha!!

And I would suggest you call in for reservations first so that you won’t have to wait.
They have this variety of sauces that goes will with their meat and seafood choices. My favorites are the sambokojin sauce for beef and pork if I remember it right and Ponzu sauce for seafood.
You will get a set right at your own table and their servers will mix them sauces for you and they do it really good!
Man versus Food? 
We had plates (yes, platessss) of meat and seafood to grill. I said pass to the cooked meals since I can encounter those at any day but the smokeless grilling was something I was looking forward to. And being such a lover of seafood, I took most care of the fish slices. They took my breath away. Haha. Exaggerated for a reaction but I am easily pleased with a good slice of fish. And I should at least have a dose of rice in my meals, their Kamameshi rice really satisfied me. My companion had a very few taste of it since I took care of it by myself and left the veggies for him to eat. ๐Ÿ˜›
Then comes the Sukiyaki that the kuya offered to serve us. Who would say no?
And I have no regrets. The soup was flavorful and the beef was so tender.
Let the grilling begin! Waiting for the food was exciting pero nakakabitin. Haha. 
The companion made the grilling while I made most of the immediate eating.
Food wrapped in bacon. BACON. What more can I say. Veggies. Squid. Meat. Mushroom. Endless possibilities. And did I say it’s wrapped in bacon?
First time to try soju, this was to celebrate a special day and everything that came in between for the past three months of us not seeing each other. Fact: I am allergic to alcohol. I only drank a few shots of soju to avoid a bad allergic reaction but guess what, no reaction at all! Maybe because every shot I took, drank more iced tea intake and ate more food. Can this be the answer to my allergy? Hm. But still not a fan of alcohol, so I will forever pass on it and be grateful of my allergy. ๐Ÿ˜›

More bacon-wrapped food! Haha! And seafood!
It was nice awesome to see you again after quite some time. The best food buddies we are.
Cheers to us and to our future Man v. Food adventures! 

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