More Magic at Enchanted Kingdom!

We’ve always known Enchanted Kingdom for where the magic is and how time flies fast, they are now celebrating their 17th anniversary for the whole month of October!! (I do sure feel old! Haha!)

The Magic is Here!!

D and I were lucky to be able to visit Enchanted Kingdom on the day of launch of their new ride called the Disk-O-Magic! The launch was scheduled later that day so we decided to enjoy the park and the rides first since they have revamped the park and its facilities as part of their 17th anniversary celebration.

A sudden timewarp to our much younger years (we are talking about highschool years fyi, we’re not THAT old!)
The weather was fine that day and the sun is ablaze. I actually gave up from the heat. -__-“
I didn’t have too many photos because we were too busy going around and deciding what rides to try (again!)
Passed on the Anchor’s Away because we just came from lunch. I have no plans of spewing out what I just had. We were supposed to ride the Wheel of Fate but we needed to head to the press con already. *boohoo*
A confession: Never tried the Space Shuttle YET. I have had plans but I get scared because the SS didn’t really have an error-free history of safety. So yeah, it had become my concern ever since. D was insistent and I already said “let’s go” but the next dilemma was, who would watch over our belongings. So, maybe next time.
After a round at the Dodgem (bump cars), the Roller Skates and the Rialto, we decided to skip the rides primarily because the lines were getting long and our patience is of a fireworks’ wick and the heat was starting to get unbearable.
Hello there! Y U LOOK SO HAPPY DINOSAUR?! Hahaha!!
After the press con, it was time for the Disk-O-Magic launch but too bad we have to head our way home (due to Sunday family duties).
The Disk-O-Magic!! It reminds me of the ride in Toy Story Park in HK Disneyland!

The Disk-O-Magic is a state-of-the-art and award-winning ride that is recognized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). It uses a special seat design that allows both arms and legs to move freely for riders to enjoy the dash.

This 24-seater giant offers unique action and weightless sensation for the passengers. It starts its wild run along the trail dished section that would dart to the other side and goes back to its entry point, rocking and spinning all the while. 

We’ll surely go back to Enchanted Kingdom to try the Disk-O-Magic!
You might be wondering what else is new at Enchanted Kingdom now that they are on their 17th year, Eldar (yes, I can still recall the name of the wizard mascot) lists down the 17 new reasons to visit Enchanted Kingdom!


So what are you waiting for? 17 is already a loooot of reasons for you to visit Enchanted Kingdom again! 
For more info on their new promo/events, visit the newly redesigned http://www.enchantedkingdom.ph/!
I’ve heard that they are hosting the 3rd Asian Sky Wizardry Fireworks Competition, so you might wanna check that out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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