My Zalora Wishlist

I will admit that I like pretty things — colorful and pretty things aside from my usual inclination to things dark and gloomy. What can I say, I pretty much like a variety of stuff. So when I received an email from Nuffnang about the Zalora contest, I got ecstatic! I’ve been stalking Zalora for quite some time now and oogle on their retail, such pretty pretty things, but knowing the cheapskate in me who thinks twice (okay, maybe about 5x) before placing some bucks out for clothes/accessories (hence me being a fan of thrifting), all I can do so far is lust over them pretties.

Making a wishlist is something I like to do (even though I know my list would be endlessssss) but hey, Yesterday was my birthday and this is a good excuse to pick pretty things and hopefully, win them. *fingers-crossed* So here’s my pick:


See how my choices ranged from bright, sunny yellow to polka-dotted red, then to rugged, simple black. πŸ˜›

1. Breo De Janeiro Headphones – my iTouch (Moriarty) had become my constant companion for movies and music. Keeps me company on boring moments and these sunny yellow babies will bring sweet sound to my ears. Perfect for Moriarty! (And it’s yellow. That pretty much settles it all.)

2. Polly Red Therapy Bag – Polka dots. I’m a fan. ‘Nuff said. If only they have them in yellow. Still, red works fine! πŸ˜€

3. Palladium Pampa Hi Leather Boots –  Boots. I began liking them after getting a very cheap original Doc Martens pair. It was love at first sight. This pair will be a lovely addition to my very limited wardrobe.

Fast Fact About Me: I don’t like wearing flats or slippers/sandals (any footwear that gets easily detached from your foot) because I fear that it will endanger me in case an accident, i.e. Zombie Apocalypse happens. This is why I stick to sneakers everytime I go out (comfy, sturdy and Zombie Apocalype Wardrobe-Approved), boots were just recently added to my list that’s why I’m beginning to love it. πŸ˜› I know, crazy. 

4. Alchemista Large Stone Stackable Ring – Why did I pick this? Simply because it reminds me so much of Game of Thrones (I don’t even know why). The Alchemista collection of rings gives me that GoT vibe and I love it!

5. Breo Binary Watch – I don’t like being late, in fact my cellphone’s clock is 23 minutes advanced. And I stick to that time. I stopped wearing watches when I was in college because I’m left-handed and I wear my watch on my left wrist, it becomes a pain when writing tons of class notes. But now that I belong to the working class, I think a watch is a good investment. Time is gold!

There goes my very narrowed-down wishlist! Haha! I’m not gonna lie because I really hope to win!

Visit Zalora, you might just find your next eye candy from their wide product list. πŸ™‚
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