Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar – The First Antipasti Bar In The Metro

January ended in a sweet note for me as I was invited to try out this new restaurant in High Street. The initial thought was “wow, high-end” and that I’ll be going along with some of the well-known foodies made me more anxious. But hey, yours truly cannot say no to food — “masamang tumanggi sa pagkain nga diba“? 馃槢
Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar (a/k/a OTKB) is the first Antipasti Bar in the Metro and is located in Bonifacio High Street (it replaced Stock Market and I haven’t even got the chance to dine there, boohoo). OTKB is headed by Chef Rob Pengson and Sous Chef Jonvic Mangibin. We were there to try their new Tasting Menu – five courses (including the antipasti) and of course, dessert. 

plural noun: antipasti
(in Italian cooking) an appetizer typically consisting of olives, anchovies, cheeses, and meats.

The tasting menu costs Php1,900 and it showcases the best offerings of OTKB. So, shall we?
OTKB’s interior is very classy and cozy. It can look a little intimidating but the brick walls and the overall wine cellar feel to it is pretty inviting.
We started our feast with the antipasti trio: Foie Gras Popsicle, Caponata Macaron, Eel and Apple Galette and then followed with the Pumpkin and Bacon Bruschetta.
I honestly read up a lot after our OTKB degustation, there were too many flavors and ingredients that was new to me and that ain’t bad. You eat, you learn. Win-win. 馃榾

Foie Gras Popsicle | This reminded me of granola bars but of course, it isn’t one. First time to try foie gras (duck or goose liver) and me being not a fan of liver at all, I actually enjoyed it. On first bite (well, I took it all in one mouthful), you’ll sink into its smooth and creamy foie gras then followed by the crunch of the Amaretto almonds. The very light livery taste is balanced with the sweet pineapple chutney and marsala glace.

Caponata Macaron | I had a phase wherein I went macaron-crazy and this was a really nice treat. The chewy macaron shells sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt and dehydrated black olives. The filling was made of Black Olive and Ricotta Caponata with Balsamic Modena with a roasted Beetroot Fluid Gel. Surprisingly, it was really good. Sweet, salty, chewy macaron delight in your mouth.

Eel and Apple Galette | Unagi has my heart. Period. The eel is lightly smoked in apple wood and the galette is made of aged parmigiano reggiano, potato and red delicious apple. Dip it in the horseradish and
bavarian cream and ahhh — can I have more of this appetizer please? :3

Pumpkin and Bacon Bruschetta | You had me at bacon. Well, just look at it. You get my point, right?

And that was just the first course. Whew. Next up – Salmon and Salad!

For our second course, we had Coffee Cured Salmon with carrots and Ikura (salmon roe). I loved the salmon and all the incorporated flavors and textures on it.

Ah, the salad. I am not a big fan but veggies but whenever I came across a salad that earned my tastebuds’ loving, I rave it! And this is one of those moments. OTKB’s Chopped Salad is a toss of chopped mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, zucchini, young corn, Calabrian Salumi, candied walnuts, black olives, Provolone Dolce and drizzled with Oregano-Peperoncini vinaigrette. Sounds like a lot of veggie, huh? Well, it is. But I loved how fresh it was and the vinaigrette was perfect. 
Hm, come to think if it — I think I’m starting to grow fond of vinaigrette-based salads. 馃榾 

And then, the PIZZAS! A confession: I’m not someone who’s crazy with pizza. Feed me a slice or two and that’s it. Pizza can only make its impression on me if a) it’s reaaaally good and b) if it’s really really goooood.

We were able to try two pizza varieties from OTKB: The Apple and Gorgonzola Pizza (pictured above) and the Honey, Truffle & Egg Pizza. The Apple and Gorgonzola pizza was memorable and I liked it! Sweet and Savory, unlike the usual pizza flavors we get that is all oil and savory. It’s made of an apple sauce base, crumbles of Gorgonzola Dolce, Marsala braised red cabbage and red onions, candied walnuts and steeped Dates. Wild arugula and black balsamic reduction to top off this pizza goodness.

The Honey, Truffle and Egg pizza on the other hand is reminiscent of a warm, countryside breakfast. Made with apple cider and honey glaze, aged parmigiano and bacon fat crema, and topped with brick oven baked egg, deep fried rosemary, micro mustard and light dousing of truffle oil.

And to complete the fare, here comes the pasta! The Sopranos Sunday Gravy is consists of braised ox tail and tripe, bone marrow, liver pate, sweetbreads, fennel sausage ragu and angus meatballs. Shaved
Pecorino Romano and Gremolata (Olive oil, Parsley and Lemon) on top. Pizza + Pasta = YUM.

And you think we’re done there? NOPE. We’ve just reached the fourth course and I was almost full to the brim. But the work ‘backing out’ is not in my dictionary – let’s do this!

Starting it with the Sunday Roast – traditional roasted chicken served with mountain rice (fried rice with
black, brown and white grains with toasted almonds and dates) and bread and butter Jus.

Part two of the chicken feast with the Roasted Chicken Diavolo made with a spicy Peperoncini coating served with mashed potato and a cabbage slaw with sesame dressing. When there’s chicken, I’m a happy kid!

And this is the star of my food coma inducing night – the Hanger Tender Bistecca. Made sous vide to have that oh-so-tender meat and darn packed with flavour. Ah. It’s still haunting me to date. It is served with a pureed potato and mole sauce. Huhu, someone feed me this!

And another scene stealer is the Braised Pork Trotters stuffed with Porcini mushrooms and chicken mousse. It was sooo good. The pork trotters are deboned and braised until they are soft and tender, then stuffed with a velvety textured mousse of porcini and chicken then again braised in a pork hock jus. I can still remember the first bite and how soft the pork trotters are. Hmm.

By this time, I was entering the food coma state. Haha! I was so full already from that 5-course meal! But wait, DESSERT!! And you know what they say, there’s always room for dessert!

“What is this sorcery?!” Haha! This is OTKB’s awesome Chocolate Terrain and has been their signature dessert. This chocolate madness is a mix of gateau, cake pop, brownie, mousse, rock and soil, meringue shards and shavings of chocolates to create that heavenly chocolate overload dessert.

By the end of our amazing OTKB dinner, I was indeed stuffed and happy from all that good food. OTKB also offers great drinks and they have bottomless cocktails offering too.

Awesome ambiance, great food, superb service – what more can you ask from OTKB! When you’re around BGC, do check out OTKB and try out their offerings! 

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