Parker Pen 5th Technology for the Pen Lovers

I am a pen-lover since God knows when. I don’t believe in a thing such as too-much pens. Pens are my weapons for doodling and writing letters (yes, I love handwritten letters and postcards). It was only in after college that my pen mania ceased to a tolerable level. But after last year’s rekindled love for fountain pens, I think I’m back to my old self.

Fact No.1: I currently have at least 10 pens in my bag. More of FPs and colored art pens.

Fact No.2: I am OC when it comes to pen. And my handwriting varies by the pen I’m using and sometimes, the paper is a factor too.

Fact No. 3: I am currently on a fountain/calligraphy pen phase. *christmas ehem wink wink* Haha.

My foot led me to Shangri-la last Friday to grab myself another pair of my favorite earrings and I stumbled upon a Parker Pen exhibit. *pens-philia senses tingling*

I decided to check it out and man, were they all pretty pens. My eyes drooled over the new Parker 5th Technology pens. You might wonder why is it called the 5th technology, it is because its the fifth way of writing. The first four technologies were the ball point, roller ball, mechanical pencil and the fountain pen. The Parker 5th technology does not only aim to deliver superior writing experience but it is also a gorgeous and sleek pen to look at. It introduces the cutting-edge refill tip and a slender engraved metallic hood.

What makes the Parker 5th Generation so awesome?

⇨ The smart glide tip rapidly adjusts to our personal writing style after writing just a few words

⇨ It has a simple and clean refill process

⇨ Ink is designed to deliver an intense, clear rendering and prevent hand-smudging (this is so perfect for lefties like me!)

⇨ Its refill design eliminates pressure, impact and temperature-induced ink leaks

⇨ Refill tip is designed to maximize cap-off time

⇨ Available in size Fine or Medium in Black or Blue inks

I honestly think that it is more motivating to write if you have the right tools with you. And if I have one of these 5th technology pens, I will certainly write more!

I get giddy when I’m around pretty pens. So eager and excited to try it out! 
At this point, after talking with the Parker guy, I am very convinced that the Parker 5th technology is a lefties bestfriend. No more ink smudges (which is a problem for us lefties whenever we use sign pens) and it adjusts to your writing style. A leftie’s soulmate, amirite?
It instantly got my attention with its ‘fountain-pen’ look. 
Oh my. Oh my. If I were to point out the smoothest writing I had to date — THIS WAS IT. Felt like writing in silk! And I’m not even exaggerating! 
There is also the Parker Ingenuity Collection that has been created for exclusive use with the Parker 5th technology.  Oh just look at them shiny, pretty pens. 
Are you Daring or Classic?
If I have the moolahs to splurge, I’ll definitely get one of these golden girls lovelies. The tip is made out of 14K gold! Who wouldn’t be enticed to write if you have this pen? Srsly.
Parker surely have taken their pens to the next level! It’s awesome how pens have innovated through technology and make a writing more fun. And hey, nothing still beats the good ol’ pen (even a stylish one) and paper! 😉

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