Paying It Forward

Last April 30, we shared our blessings with the kids of Virlanie Foundation.
It was my first time to be a part of the people behind an outreach and let me say that, it’s something worthy to be part of. ๐Ÿ™‚ The idea of an outreach began when we were thinking of ways to celebrate mine and a friend’s birthday, also on what we can sacrifice for the Holy Week — so we concluded on having an outreach.
We pooled our resources, planned, coordinated and on the outreach day, had fun. We really did!vl1
The kids enjoyed our small surprise for them! That was the heartwarming part. How they were all thrilled from the gifts they received. It’ll make you feel thankful and blessed with what you currently have.
It was the grandest feeling to see yourself smiling in photos with these kids. It’s the priceless kind of happiness.
I can’t forget this photo. They were both excited with their face towel gifts that it had to be in the photo. It ended up covering our faces. Haha!
Thanks to my kindest friends (SF), my mother (for supporting our cause) and my officemates (organizers)! You guys are the best!

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