Postal Heritage Walking Tour Part 1!

One station away from Central when I realized, “Where the heck is the Lawton Post Office?
All I was thinking that I will get off Central station (knowing the main Post Office is nearby) but confused myself the last minute that the main post office might not be the same as the Lawton post office. DOOM. Now where next?
It was kind of exciting, the feeling of being clueless and sort-of lost — with the added bonus that I’m bad with directions and accident-prone (thank God for the underpass!).

Thanks to the Filipina Stamp Collectors’ Club for their Postal Heritage Walking Tour and the awesome Analog Nation for organizing a photowalk-slash-educational field trip (which I enjoyed so much) and for the pre-walking tour lunch we had in Ongpin (hinahanap-hanap ko ngayon yung buttered chicken, tsk).
Met up at Liwasang Bonifacio (also know as Plaza Lawton back in the 50’s). It was nice to meet new people (around 30+, and I’m terrible with remembering names). Seeing them all lugging around a camera on one hand and one on the other and even more it such an amazing sight to see. πŸ™‚
Mr. Lawrence Chan (the dedicated tour guide) for our walking tour. I’m amazed with his passion on spear-heading these free tours. It’s a tedious job but he continues to do it over the years. Kudos to him!
And oh Hi there ate Diwi~! πŸ˜€

How Manila looks like pre-war era.
Inside the Post Office. There is an ongoing exhibit on the Shoah (Holocaust) in Europe during the WWII.
The facade of the Post Office was of Neo-Classical architecture ornated with pillars, symmetry and patterns.
Large windows were intentionally incorporated to improve ventilation and it was indeed cool inside despite the high-noon heat outside.
We further ventured around the Post Office compound and visited the Postal Museum and Philatelic Library.
The small and quaint area showcased stamps and relics. Old typewriters, telephones, books and other stuff can be found there. You can also buy stamps! I said I won’t be spending but I gave in to a few set of stamps.
Then followed a lecture about Old Manila wherein I battled with myself to not doze off, good thing some grace arrived and candies were passed around. And I should get my eyes checked.

Next stop — The Metropolitan Theatre!!
Part 2 later! πŸ˜€

Postal Heritage Walking Tour
Contact Person: Mr. Lawrence Chan
Mobile/Email: 09193901671 | l_rence_2003@yahoo.com

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