Product Review: MySlim Yerba Mate Drink and Capsules

FACT: I love to eat. But not a big fan of exercising. I’m plump on some parts and I never had wishes of getting slim but rather I just want to be fit.

And for me to achieve this, I don’t need to diet but rather live a healthy lifestyle. So with that, I bought myself a folding bike and constantly trying to bike at least twice a week.

Just in time with my realizations of wanting to be fit so that I can do more things (especially those that require lots of physical exertion), I received a package in the mail from MySlim.

Let me clear that I am not a fan of slimming products, as I thought of them as not really effective and also quite scary to take (imagine the possible side effects). Skepticism at its best! However, I gave MySlim a try as it was also highly recommended by a foodie friend. A thought immediately came to mind, if this works, it means that I can eat more. Haha!

So I actually tried it and a few weeks later, results may have not been that obvious but I am very happy as to how it helped me detox and also made my discharge schedule regular (I’ve been a long-time constipated human being); and it reduced my water weight (which is surprisingly a lot). So overall, I was happy with it and no side effects too.

mySlim Yerba Mate comes in a sugar-free drink and in capsule form. The drink comes in 200ml bottle and tastes like strawberry juice so you’ll enjoy drinking it ice-cold. Fair warning though that it is best to drink it when you have no plans of heading out as it will really cleanse your tummy and numerous trips to the bathroom will be made. But ain’t it a good feeling when your tummy feels all light after all the food you ate.

The MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink is made to detoxify, burn fat, and boost energy. And it is due to its three primary ingredients: Palatinose, Carnipure, and EFLA920.

Now, let’s get all science-y here. Palatinose is naturally derived from sucrose and it functions by controlling the release of glucose into the blood. Now, what does that mean? Sustained glucose (in layman’s term, sugar!) in the blood means stable energy levels for a longer period of time.

Carnipure on the other hand, is also known as the ever popular L-carnitine, but of the higher quality. Carnitine works by burning fat and converting it to usable energy.

And EFLA920 comes from the yerba mate or green mate leaf extract. It works by increasing energy and facilitating weight loss; and also suppresses appetite, reduces resorption of fat and increases fat burn, hence why it works great with Carnipure. And oh, it also has antioxidant properties and activates the metabolic process.

Then there’s also the capsule form. It’s called the MySlim Natural Fat Burner Complex Capsule. What’s the difference? First, is it’s more convenient that the drink, and second, is it has a more concentrated form of Carnipure and EFLA920. So this is for a more hardcore fat burning process. It also contains Metaburn, which enhances and speeds up your metabolism.

How to use MySlim? Take 1 bottle of MySlim Slimming and Detox drink before going to bed every other day (ideally) or three times a week. Again, a reminder that it is best to stay at home the next day as it will seriously send you multiple times to the toilet. Imagine having an LBM, it’s just like that but in a good way because it’s flushing out all the toxins in your body. A bottle is sold at Php89.00 and there’s also a sachet pack available for Php69.00.
Take your fat burning to the next level by having the capsules twice daily (highly suggested to take after breakfast and after dinner). I’ve noticed that when I intake the capsule, my cravings lessen. So that’s a good thing! Also, taking the capsule won’t send you running to the bathroom. It’s like a follow through of the drink detox.
I still have a bottle of my MySlim capsules and 2 bottles of drink and I should update you guys after I consume all of it. 😀 Here’s to hoping I lose more inches! #walangimposible

MySlim Yerba Mate is available at 7-11 stores, Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, Southstar drugstore, Landmark Supermarket, and Rose Pharmacy.

For more info, you can visit You can also order from there or call  (632) 9279227, or sms 0998-994-8888. You can email as well at

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