QUICK REVIEW: Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask

Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask

QUICK REVIEW Time! Product: Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask

Why is charcoal pretty popular on beauty products today?

Activated Charcoal is processed carbon that has higher adsorption properties

So, what does that mean?

Higher adsorption means better adhesion of particles to a surface, and in this case, the activated charcoal acts like a magnet to toxins and chemicals making it a good detoxifying agent.

This is why charcoal facial masks are all over the beauty shelves lately.

Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask

I think I needed a little DIY pampering so my recent trip to Watson’s resulted in me getting a pack of Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask. Its formulation is for unclogging deep pores, purify skin toxins, to revitalize and moisturize skin.

Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask

What Made Me Buy It?

Picked it up primarily due to its attractive price at Php59 pesos per pack, which is pretty cheap already as most facial masks are priced at Php100+.

And if you’re looking for an activated charcoal face mask, this one stands out as well because of its packaging — simple black foil with a label upfront that highlights the word CHARCOAL.

Made in Korea. ‘Nuff said. Koreans take their cosmetics and facial regimen seriously so I kinda trust them on this. Heh.

Where To Buy It?

I got mine at Watson’s Market-Market. 🙂

How To Use It?

I’m a noob at this and I’m no beauty expert so reading the directions is important!

1. Wash face with clean water and pat dry.
2. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes then remove mask.
3. Gently massage the remaining essence until thoroughly absorbed. (No cleansing required.)

 How Did It Go?

For Php59, Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask is a good steal. The mask sheet is thick and face coverage is a-okay. There’s a generous amount of serum and I mean there’s a lot of it! I was able to use the excess on my hands. I didn’t notice any scent despite there’s parfum listed on the ingredients (yes, I read the ingredients!)

I left it on my face for 20 minutes while bingeing on Netflix. Removed the mask and left my skin to dry. Voila~! It was well-hydrated, dewy and smooth. I used it before sleeping and the next day, my face still feels hydrated and yay, no ‘bagong gising‘ oily feel!

Will I Use It Again?

For sure. For that price, it’s a cheap treat. Will try Pretty Secret’s other variants of face mask when I get the chance.


PS. I’m a sucker for products with pretty packaging. I almost bought those animal-themed facial masks. Maybe next time! 

Were you able to try Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask? How was your experience with it?

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