Red All Over.

Found this on tumblr and I should say that I love this list.
I like #21. How breaking the rules can liberate all the creativeness that dwells in our inner depths. I might just apply this to my life. I need to bring back the creativity mojo back in me. I really do miss it.

See how my blog have turned into a crazy shade of cherry? Yep! It is to celebrate April (my birthmonth), because birthdays are so yesterday. 16 days more to go until my  actual birthday that coincides with Easter Sunday (for the 3rd time already if I remember it right, this makes me contemplate on how I might actually be a bunny in my past life, lol). I don’t have anything planned for my actual “day” yet but there are other side plans mostly post-birthday. A short out-of-town trip alone, the Sofitel Spiral dinner with other friends who are also April-May celebrants and our outreach program with Virlanie kids in which we’ve decided to do it in costume! I might dress up as Snow White (as suggested by a number of friends), where on earth will I find a Snow White costume?! I can already imagine myself in that Disney Princess’ dress and sneakers, driving the van (since I’ll also be a driver for that day) and taking photos of the event. I’ll be the modern day multi-tasker Snow White. Haha! Now, where are my dwarfs?!

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