Remembering my PNR days.

Last Saturday was my first time to ride the PNR (Philippine National Railway) train again since my circa Grade 4 year when I experienced ‘actually‘ running after the train.

Mala-Slumdog Millionaire moment ang naiisip ko pag naaalala ko yun. Pero imagine, school uniform, backpack and all the Grade 4 works tapos hinahabol yung train. Classic. Nakahabol kami pero balde-baldeng pawis ata inabot ko.

Well, let’s go back to 2011. We had to go to Divisoria to buy the things we need for our outreach and (un)fortunately I was the one who will take the loot home. But I decided to look at the brighter side, one is that our outreach project is going smoothly and second, I can experience PNR again. I will say that I honestly missed it despite how gruesome the entire PNR experience was back then — the train itself, the squatter area lined up at the totality of the train’s route and the “plastic bag” incidents (of which I can elaborate further but I’d rather not) *shudders*.

I arrived seconds late for the 10:05 train. I still caught a glance of the leaving train but well, it left. It left me all alone in the Tutuban Station lugging my more-than-5-kilos-plastic-bag of goods.
If not for my plastic bag, I would’ve had another chasing moment again.

Now I have to wait an hour. Waiting waiting waiting. Finally, the train arrives!
I’ve been seeing the new PNR trains but never had the chance to get a ride, now I’m finally in it. I should say, it was interestingly nice. Their new air-conditioned carriages are pretty nifty but when it gets full, (O__O) it’s a different story. Experience sardinas in a train at its finest. My travel time from Tutuban to FTI station took around 35-40 minutes. Not bad for a 15php fare.

Can’t wait for the day that the Manila-Bicol rail will come to existence again!

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