Sagada Foodtrip in Photos

Sharing with you guys some of the foodtrip photos from our Sagada adventure! πŸ™‚
I forgot the name but this was from Salt & Pepper Diner
The chicken dish with the creamy mushroom on top = sobrang sarap! I had it for lunch and dinner! Talk about na-addict sa sarap. Haha!
Omelette and Mountain Rice from Yoghurt House
Beef Tapa and Coffee from Yoghurt House
D and I are official fans of Yoghurt House, our breakfasts are spent there. There is something so warm and fuzzy inside when you’re having breakfast in Sagada. It is one of the things I miss doing there. 
Still from Yoghurt House, Banana Pancake with Yoghurt and Spicy Pork.
Banana Pancake with Yoghurt = β™₯β™₯β™₯
I just wish it’s cold/frozen yoghurt then it would’ve been pure bliss.
Spicy porkkkkk. I waaaant. There is something joyful about eating spicy food in the morning (at least for me!) πŸ˜€  And the Mountain Rice that they serve – it may seem “just a scoop” but it is so heavy to the stomach that it can last you until late lunch! Mountain rice stopped me from my normal extra rice habit.
And of course we wouldn’t miss the famous Lemon Pie from Lemon Pie House. Boy, it was really good.
Tangy and sweet and the custard on top melts in your mouth. *sigh* I do miss Sagada.
We also tried the buffet at the Log Cabin but I was enjoying my food too much that I forgot to take photos of the food. Lol!
How about you? What are your favorite noms in Sagada? I can’t wait to go back there and try the other local dishes, try orange picking and buy blueberries! 
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