Sawasdee Bangkok!

I’m back from my first overseas trip!! Straight from Bangkok, Thailand!! ๐Ÿ˜€
A 3 and a half day in Bangkok was not enough. Seriously not enough. I wish I could stay longer (and with more cash to spend) but for my short stay in Bangkok, I couldn’t be more thankful.
Tired from work but still excited to leave. Time to put my passport into good use.
I couldn’t even take a nap. Wanderlust level is HIGH. Haha.
Keroro is with me on all my trips this year. He’s one lucky fella with a taste for adventure just like me. ^__^ I can’t wait to tour with him around the Philippines!
Bangkok welcomes you with an awesome airport and such pretty writing. I want to learn how to write in Thai!
Late night arrival. My energy level is running low. I was like a patient on sedatives for the entire 3-hour flight.
MASA talaga. Masandal tulog.” Hahaha.

And btw, Thailand is an hour behind with our timezone, so I got confused with the actual time. And when I get confused, I really get confused. (-__-“)
We stayed in CMYK My Hotel Ratchada. The taxi driver got confused and we spent a few minutes lost around the area. But he was friendly so it was okay despite the grumpy me already boiling inside (and yes, majority of Bangkok’s taxi drivers are friendly despite their very limited understanding of the English language). Well, I could have just made that parenthesized statement a separate sentence. Yay me for using them parentheses!
Room 701.
I can’t wait to sleep. But it’s obligatory to take hotel room photos (even though it’s 3am, TH time).
Free maps in the airport, hotels, train stations so you won’t get lost around.
I personally liked how TH baht bills looked like. Somehow they reminded me of our new peso bills.
My instant favorite place was the nearby 7-11 store. Look at that Pocky and Pretz abundance. 
I danced in joy. *grins* Plus they’re cheap too.
Hands-down to the orange Mirinda that got me addicted for the past 4 days. Had it for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and it served me like a warm milk that sends me off to lala land.

And this is just the night we arrived! More to come!!

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