Shutter Revolution’s 1st and Flash Freeze Mob!

This is for my Shutter Revolution family! For a month of fun and films (and fries!)
To more months of analog shooting, hoarding of films, endless laughter and foodtripping!

And because we’re coolest people ever, we just made the first (I believe!) flash freeze mob in the Philippines. πŸ˜€ Even though we’re only a mob of 14, it was a lot of fun! And we want will to do it again!

What’s a flash freeze mob, you ask? Well, it is where a group of people gather in a populated area and suddenly freezes in place for a couple of minutes among the unsuspecting public and then resumes motion as if nothing happened.
Sounds interesting, yes?

Shot in the city of Manila in amidst of strangers with a fetchy bunch of balloons and cameras.

And yes, we did it twice. πŸ™‚ Huzzah Shutter Revolution!

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