Something grew in me.

My little tomato (I have concluded that it’s a tomato, LOL but I am not so sure either) plant.

As I am writing this post, I am half-dying-half-surviving from a bad flu that just developed today. I am trying to fend off the weariness I’m feeling by trying to write something sensible but I am seeing it already as a futile attempt. Hopefully I can get my act altogether by tomorrow or the day after and give you guys something good to see and read from my last week’s misadventures (yes, there was an instance that I wanted to hug a ‘kid‘ — a baby goat that is).

When I bought my planner (of which we will tackle at a later time, I have my reasons) at CubaoX last time, I got these wishpapers from Paperpod Seedpaper Company — these wishpapers have seeds embedded on them which you can easily grow (btw, you can use them papers as you normally do). I am no green thumb I believe but when the little sprouts have well, sprouted (hello, captain obvious) from the paper after I left it moistened for a few days, my heart skipped for the little miracle that grew in my care. I particularly liked how my wishpaper had “Grow Love Grow” written on it.
Now I have something to tend to everyday while I’m in the office. I left if in a mug beside the window so it could get some sunshine and I am planning to get a little pot for it and some soil (Starbucks have them packed soil somewhere in those racks in their store for free plus it’s a good reason to get me some caramel frappe) to keep it alive. And according to the Paperpod site, my little sprouting seeds are tomatoes. Now I can’t wait to see tomatoes growing on our office’s windows. ๐Ÿ˜€

And no, this is not a paid advertisement. ๐Ÿ˜› I tend/like to write about things that amuses me. And this be one of them.

I am almost actually forgetting that I’m sick, but the nauseating headache enters the stage and so I have to au revoir and close curtains for tonight. Well wishes.

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