The Batman Must Come Back.

We had the chance to watch The Dark Knight Rises last night. And what can I say, it was awesome. 
Not the EPICOMGTHATWASSOOOOOFREAKINGGREAT kind but I liked it anyway. Though I think The Dark Knight was better. 
As usual, Christopher Nolan did an amazing job on it. He never fails.
As to the characters/actors, I am more than amused that the Inception cast was there (Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, JGL). Marion Cotillard was flawless. I love her.

I also kept gushing about the character crossovers like Morgan Freeman for example. I always associate him as God because he plays that character well and whenever he’s on screen as Lucius Fox, I am already optimistic that good things will happen. Haha!

And Liam Neeson! THE freaking Liam Neeson. He is the epitome of E-P-I-C. He’s Qui-gon Jinn, Oskar Schindler, Aslan, Zeus. In our words, siya na!
When he appeared as Ra’s Al Ghul and said the word “taken”, my brain went ballistic.

I now understand why Christian Bale is good as Batman, whenever he’s on the suit, I can see Michael Keaton in him. Michael Keaton is the best Batman of all time. πŸ˜€

Alfred on the other hand, I had too many feels for him. I have love for protective characters. He has the same love I have for Agent Coulton.

Bane was badass. Nuff’ said. But he needs subtitles sometimes. I couldn’t understand what he’s saying. :))

Catwoman. Hm. Anne was beautiful as Catwoman. And she has that sultry voice. But I didn’t feel her as Catwoman. I always think of Catwoman as swift, sleek, sexy and with a badass attitude. Her fighting scenes weren’t too spontaneous for me, she kicks then poses (something like that). But that’s me. I want my fighting scenes adrenaline pumping.

And of course, my Gordon-Levitt was so perfect as John Blake. And I loved how his character was revealed in the end. :”) I loved him since 10 Things I Hate About You. He’s really good, every character he plays becomes him and he takes on different roles and gives it justice every single time. Whoops. This is already becoming the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Appreciation Post. Haha! πŸ˜›


And last thing, Batman’s  Batpod Motorcycle — oh boy, I love you. SRSLY. I will beg and grovel to take a ride on this baby. Yes, I have this unexplainable desire to ride motorcycles, them big and dangerous ones. But I don’t even even know how to drive a scooter. *le fail~*

Overall, The Dark Knight Rises was nothing short of everyone’s expectations. Good job, Nolan!
After The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and then The Dark Knight Rises, I think my 2012 been super already!
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